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Sonia Kashuk

Radiant Tinted Moisturizer


Sheila R.
Creates an even skin tone and moisturizes!

I'm the "Buy on the whim" sorta girl, so when I was shopping through Target and spotted this I decided to give it a try.

I have an uneven skin tone (very slight discoloration here and there on my face) so I figured this would be good for those days I just don't feel like putting on "my face". I was pleasantly surprised by the coverage this tinted moisturizer provided. Completely evened out my skin tone and made it feel oh-so soft! Love it! A little goes a looooong way!! My tube still has a little left after 5 months of use.

I would definitely recommend if you just don't feel like wearing foundation but still want some coverage!!

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Cece L.
summer must have!!

if you are like me who hates wearing foundation in the summer you need to give this product a try!!! The sonia kashuk radiant tinted moisturizer offers amazing coverage for a tinted moisturizer but is still super light weight, evens out your skin tone wonderfully, and isn't oily what so ever!! and the price (about $12 usd) isn't bad at all considering the quality and quantity of product that you will be receiving. Its name doesn't lie either because it really does leave your face looking RADIANT =)

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Stephanie T.

holy grail tinted moisturizer! i bought this after hearing loveblendnbeauty RAVE about it so much. ive been on the hunt for a good tinted moisturizer for the summer, ive tried the neautrogena, the cover girl, even stila's. im not exactly going to put out 40 something bucks for laura merciers tinted moisturizer thats just a little much... (a lot much) so after hearing so many good things about this one i decided to give it a try. it was inexpensive so it was worth a shot. i fell in love at first blend, my skin looked and felt so amazing. it wasnt too heavy or too light, it gave me the perfect amount of coverage. i oveeeeee this thing!

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Catherine M.

I purchased this Item after having to deal with this rediculous heat and not wanting to wear foundation. This feels great on my skin, as a matter of fact like i am not wearing anything.

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Kim T.
I'm picky and I love it!

I have oily skin so I was nervous about buying a tinted moisturizer and I was not willing to pay $30 for something then have to return it, somone recommended this product and I love it! It is great for summer very light wieght and is great if you don't want to wear foundation in the summer. Great product and it's worth at least trying cause if you hate it then you won't be wasting money. But I'm completely in love with everything about this product!

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Tia G.
Good for light everyday wear

This product doesn't come in a large range of colors. I am Mac NC42 and use the Tan shade. I use this for days that I don't want a lot of coverage and set it with my Cargo BluRay powder. Or I mix with another foundation to get a better match color wise. Its light weight good for skin that tends to be a little on the dry side. Best tinted Moisturizer I have tried.

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Bebe E.

I love this tinted moisturizer!! The coverage it light but that's fine with me because I set it with a powder foundation anyways. I like to use this on hot days where I don't want to put make up on. But I still want a little coverage. And for $12 this product is pretty damn good!

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Muffie  L.
Average product, good price, good for everday
Muffie  L.'s Review Image

Pros - It does well in evening out my skin tone and great in moisturizing which is exactly what I expect from a tinted moisturizer. Once it absorbs into my skin it leaves my skin feeling soft.

Cons - I found that the product is a little runny so I have to be extra careful when dispensing because it's easy to squeeze out too much. Another problem with it being sort of runny (as opposed to creamier) is that it takes a little more time to dry and for my skin to absorb it.

Overall, I like to use it along with a concealer for everyday use. The price is on the cheaper side compared to other tinted moisturizers I've used (12.99/1.75oz) and packaging is nice and sturdy.

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Heath A.

Bought this while on a weekend getaway... went into Target to pick up sunscreen and a toothbrush, and walked out with quite a bit more. This tinted moisturizer makes my skin look absolutely radiant. It's too bad that there's such a poor selection of colors - I'm Linen, the second lightest color, and I'm pretty pale!

This is the ultimate lazy girl summer makeup. It lasted the entire day and kept the shine at bay (I have combo skin) and it was the only thing I had on my skin. I like it so much that I'll probably start ditching the concealer I normally use and just swipe a bit of this on my face. It's faster and it looks better. I'm glad I forgot my sunscreen and toothbrush!

Jill K.
I love it so far

I love the Sonia tinted moisturizer so far I am over 40 and it works well as it doesn't cake under my eyes. So I put on Aveeno on then Maybeline age rewind primer on then the Sonia - then if I want to I put her foundation on too, but I think I could get away with just tinted stuff for summer time. But so far I love it. I am going to try to see if the Olay regen-ing something serum works... later on. But I think once the South gets hot and humid my makeup will be looking better! OH and I got the tips for this from YOU ALL here - Thanks! (see it works)