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China Glaze

Nail Laquer


Kaitey R.
Love it!! My new favourite

I love this line of nail polish. The colours are gorgeous and the colour pink voltage is my new favourite. I didn't even use a top coat and the polish lasted on my nails really well.

Amanda Nicole G.

First of all, I have to admit that I'm obsessed with China Glaze! I have started my collection and am going to own every single one! But I have to say Pink Voltage is my favorite color, of all; it's such a cute perfect barbie pink with blue undertones & and the picture doesn't do it justice at all! I just painted my nails this color and I should mention that it is a semi matte finish, if it's light coats it dries in about 2 minutes, and needs a top coat! This color stays on for a really long time, I use a thick base coat with it as well as top coats and two coats of the color, and it doesn't chip for at least a week for me; it might also be the fact that I am using a salon UV protectant top coat so that could help too. I've found especially with other pinks and neon colors that they will chip off within a few days, or sometimes I've had colors just straight peel off the whole nail all in one, but this isn't like that! I purchased this from a beauty supply store and it was a little under $7, they also sell these at Ulta and I think they're a little over $7 there and the selection (at least for the stores by me) is smaller, and the beauty stores have a lot of sales on China glaze a lot for buy one get one free- and who doesn't love that! ESP when these are 7 dollars a bottle!! The only downside for me about this nailpolish is the brush, I have extremely small nail beds and nails in general, and the brush isn't necessarily big but it's just a regular square tip brush that is somewhat wide at the bottom and it doesn't hold the nailpolish well in my opinion, I feel like the brush will leave streaks in my nails or have too much nailpolish in the brush and it will get messy. I'm a bigger fan of the brushes in the salon hanson colors, Nina Pro lacquer, (both have the rounded tip brushes to fit in nailbed perfectly!) and orly (which I think is just a regular square tip brush but it's thinner and higher quality to not make your nailpolish streaky) however this is just my opinion and this is the ONLY thing I would change about the China Glaze polishes, but still doesn't differ me from buying all of them or not rating it 5 stars!

Mariah T.

This brand of nail polish chips by the next day😡 really pretty colors tho but isn't long lasting like I expected... If you want it to last long put a top coat!!