Beauty Product Reviews

Smells great

I love this scent. It's one of my go-to's as a winter scent because it's much heavier, almost too heavy for spring or summer (in my opinion.) I usually switch between this and Chanel no. 5 during the winter since both are heavier in terms of smell. My cousin loves to borrow this whenever she comes over and it gives a nice flirty smell that isn't too overwhelming. It's not for everyone and I would label it as an acquired scent. Go to Sephora and sample it before you buy it.

soft hands, soft scent

I love these lotions. I have them in 3 scents. They make your hands SUPER soft and if you get the little one, it's so compact that you can bring it with you anywhere. I always have one in my purse and always get complements on how soft my hands are. Definitely give it a try. Rosewater is my favorite.

Nice brush

My favorite thing about this is the unique brush. One side is for lengthening while the other is for volume. When I first used it I would do lengthening first then add the volume second. So that's great. Another thing that's good is that it really does make my lashes voluminous.

The reason why I give it 3 1/2 stars is because of the formula. It's a wetter formula instead of a waxy formula. The wet formula doesn't work too well on my lashes because it weighs it down. Whenever I use this I need to re-curl my lashes after the mascara dries, which annoys me because I don't need to do that with the more waxy mascaras (I just curl, apply, and go.)


This is a one step product -- balm, color, and gloss. Colors are pigmented but not too over the top. These are my favorite lipsticks. The only downside is that you need to reapply it often. I wouldn't recommend it if you won't be near a mirror for a while. Other than that, definitely try it. I own it in 5 different colors.

One step in the shower

My hair type is thick, wavy, and long. I also straighten it often and have dyed it in the past so it has its share of damage. It takes me 10-11 pumps of this product to coat my hair completely.

In short, this product really improved the look and feel of my hair making it noticeably healthier! I love it and would recommend it to those who have very dry or damaged hair. After just one use you will feel a difference & it improves more after each use.

The low-lather (low-poo) is what it is, so don't expect your typical bubbles from the lathering shampoo because you won't see it. If you are having trouble working the product in your hair, try adding some water to it (but not too much.) It really takes some getting used to.

Definitely try it. It's fairly inexpensive too, I got mine for $6.99 at CVS. One bottle lasted me a little over a month since I wash my hair every other day. It will last you longer if you have thinner/shorter hair.

I used this when I wanted to dye the underside of my hair red. My hair is naturally very black and the red comes out super bright! You don't need to bleach before use and it comes out red like the box on my black black hair. Only downside is that it really dries out your hair, so make sure to baby your hair after using.


I love this. It's the best to cover dark circles. I'm currently 21 in my last year in college so I have plenty of late nights paired with early morning classes. I've battled with dark circles throughout college and never had such an inexpensive product work SO WELL. It is a great makeup base. I apply it after my face primer, prior to foundation. What makes this product even better? It's a drugstore item! I recommend this product for anyone :)

Good if worn alone

For me I resort to using this when I don't want to wear lipstick or have color, but I still want my lips to look full. I usually just put a balm and then top it with this gloss. It's inexpensive and is my favorite gloss to wear ALONE. If worn over a color it makes it very sticky, but just over a simple balm it makes lips look nice. My favorite is Strawberry Fizz and then comes Grapefruit Blast because of the shimmer (which is better if wearing gloss alone.)

This leaves my lips feeling smooth after using the scrub. I love how it has two products in one and it's very easy to use and convenient. Perfect for travelling! It's a great prep for lip color and it works well for those who's lip colors tend to feather off the lips.

Very edgy

I like this effect and how it dries quickly. It's an interesting twist to my usual one color nails and because it's black it can be added on top of pretty much any color. You have to work fast with it and DON'T put more than one coat or else it won't get the same effect. That's the only thing that bugged me, you have to get the right amount on the brush before applying - too much, it wont crack, too little, it wont spread evenly. It definitely takes a few tries before getting it right.

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