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I love this eye pencil last all day long won't smudge and it always lools like it was just applied is awesome the color "Perversion" the blackest eye liner ever I am very happy with this purchase :)

like this product

Leaves the skin so silky I like it the only thing I don't like is the size kind of small and also if you have nails kind of uncomfortable to use on the little glass jar it comes in and it does not work with all foundations.

Good product

Make sure you do one stroke only other than that it will get clumpy horribly I use this with DiorShow Black Out Mascara and it works great gives it that xtra POW!!!

works great

I use this with my DiorShow Black Out Mascara and it works good just make sure you don't put too many layers of this before the mascara it will make it clumpy other than that I like it as far as making your lashes grow I have not notice that yet my lashes are a bit long naturally but will update if I see a change lol


Love it!!! makes my makeup stay looking fresh all day long my makeup looks like it was just applied at the end of the night when I am going to take it off I just completely love this. it does exactly what is says...

Simply Amazing

Tired of false eye lashes and extensions look no further this is it the DiorShow Black Out Mascara does exactly what it says it does and when you done it looks like you have fake lashes I am so happy I found it this will be my mascara from now on like Nadia says I found my holy grail of mascara!! :)

worth the cheap price works the same

Buy cheap get cheap everything that it says it does; it does does smudges the applicator I don't like at all. I purchase 2 of them believing that it will last big mistake it doesn't waste of money.

dont waste your time

Crappy waste of money it create a glue like line that you grab and pulled out lol but definitely not worth the money it does not work at all have it now for 5 months my lashes are still the same :)

love it!!!!

The best under eye cover I have ever used! The roller ball is great for under your eyes. It covers up dark circles great is not cakey. I recommend this product 100%!

Humm Yes and No

Ok I love the fact that this product lasted once you can manage to apply it it does takes some time since it dries extremely fast and it wont smudge and that is a big plus... but and this is where I am not to happy because like everyone says it dries quickly before you even finish the line is already dry so if you did not finish the length you wanted and have to again go over it, it erases what was already there making it a bit of a mess but it does last all day....

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