Beauty Product Reviews

crazy AMAZING!

I purchased the 10 pan freedom system in chicago! I decided to make a rainbow palette, and I am in love with the colors, and their pigmentation. They are so buttery, and just have amazing pay-off! Due to my blog, I do a lot of makeup, and these are the base of practically each of my colored looks! I still can't believe I payed $64.00 for each color including the palette. I am an avid MAC junkie and these have far surpassed my addiction with MAC shadows. I barely use my pro palettes anymore!


I also own the original UD Naked Palette, which I like but I don't use as much because i tend to use more cool-toned colors. But the Naked2 is an absolute must have for the cool toned gal. LOVE IT


I got the houndstooth design and i just have to say... My nails look fantastic! They were pretty easy to apply and I am on my 1st day with them. Yes, I know maybe a little too early to give a review but i have a strong feeling that i will just love these, until the end of their days on my nails. I am very happy with my purchase. I also applied Seche Vite top coat over the stickers when i finished, and maybe i can even get a longer wear out of them with the top coat!

Mmmm. Half, and Half.

Honestly, this polish is a cool idea, yet not so great in other situations. Applying Shatter over one finger, is usually okay... Lately my has not shattered or has just taken almost five minutes to show the cracking effect, and my polish under it was good and dry...


I love 'high end' salon polishes. But, you can never go wrong with Sally Hansen! Sally Hansen is my favorite drugstore nail polish brand. I am in love with pastel nail colors, and glitters at the moment. In the Spotlight is a 'stick' like glitter rather than a polka dot kind. These polishes are very opaque, and stay on very well. I mean a second coat is questionable! These polishes don't gob up either. They dry fast, and are neither too thick or thin. This price is an amazing factor as well!

Great Price!

I have two colors, heather silk, and pearlescent pink. I love these! They have very great pigmentation for the price! (Though, watch out they can get chalky!) They can get chalky, but not like where you can't work with them. just remember a little goes a long way! :)


Since I have dry skin I tend to stick to 'cream' blushes. I love this blush! I have It in Peach Satin, and Rose Petal. I love the packaging, it's just like the MAC Paint Pot packaging! It also has great texture, and gives a gorgeous flush to the cheeks.