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Abby C.

I absolutely love these blush colors! They come at a great price of only 2.99, who could pass that up? They have great pigmentation so just remember that a little goes a long way! When applied right, this blush can look very natural and make your skin glow.

Paola G.
holy grail

I love this blush! super pigmented and long lasting.own three of the four shades so overall a great drugstore blush. only baf thing is cheap packaging but I don't mind.

Roisin  M.

This is one of the best blushes I've ever used! Super pigmented and a great dupe of Nars Orgasm! So pretty! It has a slight shimmer but it's not too shimmery, really cheap too!

Alex A.
Great quality for such a cheap price.

These blushers are very pigmented and blendable, and you need a light hand to apply these, especially the darker shades. For the quality and price you can't beat these and they last for a long time so you honestly get your money's worth. I wish there were more shades because if I'm aware, there's only 4 colors available.

Bri-bri L.
Pigmented and Blendable

I have the Pearlescent pink and getting the mellow mauve next! These blushes are supperrrr hiighhlyyy pigmented! I apply them with a domed bronzer brush and barely dab it in the blush for my cheek. Its a bit powdery but as long as you know that, youre good.This shade gives such a natural and healthy glow. Pearlescent Pink does have gold shimmer which doesn't make it as natural as it can be but looks gorgeous in the sun! I really suggest you get it!

Haydee P.

Amazing blush ! So pigmented and looks natural ! Just the perfect shade ! However it is delicate and will brake easily. I need to get a new one !

Julia P.
These Blushes Pack a Punch!

Some of the most pigmented products in my makeup collection! You have to use a really light hand but they look AMAZING when applied. I own them all because I have yet to find a blush I like as much in the whole drugstore. Pearlescent pink is my everyday blush, because I don't need a highlighter because it does have a nice amount of shimmer. Mellow wine is my favorite blush because its the most matte and I use it a little farther back on the cheeks when I don't feel like contouring as well. Heather Silk is a bright dramatic blush that I always use for my stage makeup in dance and theatre because it is a visible colors but a natural shade, not neon or anything. Berry Shimmer is like a mix of Pearlescent Pink and Heathersilk because it's glittery and dramatic, I use this one the least because it is by far the most pigmented and I prefer natural makeup.

Robi n S.

my favorite summer/spring time blush. it is a pinky peach color that looks lovely on my fair skin tone. for $3 bucks you can't beat it, but you have to use a light hand with it, it is pretty pigmented.

Angela T.

Full of pigmentation! For this blush, a little goes a LONG way. The product itself is a bit powdery, and easily breaks when drops, but thats alright because it works just fine!

Kait C.
Great Price!

I have two colors, heather silk, and pearlescent pink. I love these! They have very great pigmentation for the price! (Though, watch out they can get chalky!) They can get chalky, but not like where you can't work with them. just remember a little goes a long way! :)