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I just bought this one and I loved it!! I've been wanting to find a black-blue like this. I got one before of another brand (don't remember the name), in the bottle looked perfect, but on my nails it looked plain black, so this one is so perfect. I can't stop staring at my nails (: will get more as soon as I can!


I bought one today. I applied it and I was like 'It smells like all others'... but soon as it starts to dry... OMFG amazing. I will definitely get more!!

A must!!. I used this every day when I was a teenager. I still love it and it's one of my most favorites. I just love how fresh it smells, and it lasts long!

Perfect to feel feminine and glamorous. I like it, specially on fresh days. It's sweet and even though I think it smells strong at first, then it just gets pefect.

The smell is so good. I was afraid at first because I don't really like the original version, but this one surprised me. Quite sexy as well!. Love the purple color on the bottle.

I got this as a present from my granny. I loved it, heavenly much, it made me feel like an angel haha. The scent lasts long and I really like it.

I have to say it was difficult to find it here!, but finally I got it and I loved it. The scent is so sexy and catchy, and it lasts long. Really love it.

Sexy sexy sexy. I love this one. Just using it makes me feel confident (I should use it always!). I need to buy a new one though!. The bottle design is quite simple but I really like it.

Very smooth while applying it, the color is bright, with other eyeliners I have to draw the line like 2 times to make it visible and dark. This one is perfect! But for me it doesn't last long )=

It's very good when I don't want to get heavy lashes. It applies the right ammount of mascara and I really like how it looks, it lasts long also, which is so good.

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