Victoria's Secret

Dream Angels Heavenly


Sarah L.
My top 5!!!

LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!! Ive gotten about 14 bottles of this over the last few years! The smell is fabulously thought out!!! No Floral sent, its kinda of a smooth sent! My man loves it!!!

RicczBeautyBlabber X.
My Signature scent

By far my favorite perfume. It is so light,airy and sexy! I love almost anything with white musk in it. Perfect for everyday. Although I am a perfume junky so I wear different scents all the time I always go back to this one for at LEAST 7 years now

Shawn K.

Sexy ,and soft this is a go to smell also leaves the nose wanting more perfect for spring and summer a head turner for sure do not put it on if you don't feel like talking .oh yes its candylady approved

Savannah C.
One of the Best!

I love this perfume because it's not too strong its nice and light smelling,the musk is an all time favorite period! i definitely recommend it. If u cant afford this perfume u can get a cheaper version,called Angelic Kiss Body spray.6.99 at walmart stores.

Mandy J.

I love this perfume. It is my favorite. It smells so good and its not over powering. A light scent and it last all day. This is one i will buy again.

Fatima M.
Fresh and Sexy

This is an everyday perfume. Not too strong. I've loved it since i first smelled it 7 years ago! Very feminine and flirty, I would definitely recommend this to someone or give it as a gift.

Bianca I.
Favorite Scent for Winter

I love this scent for Winter! I received this perfume as a Christmas gift from my Fiance's parents. I also love the body wash and lotion. It's just a very simple, delicate, and feminine scent! I adore this scent very much and love the whole line.

Charnell C.

I remember many years ago when the scent first launched and I vowed that one day I would get this perfume. I have purchased three bottles since then and I swear my boyfriend loves this scent.

Myrna P.
Always & Forever

This will be a mist I will always use. I received it over 10 years ago for the first time. I will wear this after I shower and it is just wonderful! My hubby definitely loves it :) It is nice and soft.

Ish K.

I got this as a present from my granny. I loved it, heavenly much, it made me feel like an angel haha. The scent lasts long and I really like it.