Beauty Product Reviews

I love how sweet this scent is, it reminds me of the taste of cotton candy.

This fragrance is very distinct & strong. As I was walking out the door from school today, I could smell this fragrance in the hallway. I overheard a girl complimenting her friend on her scent & her friend said it was 'Fantasy'.

This is a great fun, flirty, daytime scent. It's definitely one of my favorites from her line of fragrances.

The person you're kissing will thank you!

I love how this product makes it easy for everyone to get soft lips. The whole process takes at most 2 minutes.

Once you apply the mask, you can feel it scrub off the dead skin. You let it sit for 1-2 minutes and wash it off. After drying, you can instantly feel how soft your lips are & applying the lip balm really does make it feel like satin. The first time I tried it, I couldn't resist gliding my lips from each other & I still can't help myself.

I recommend it for everyone, who doesn't want soft lips in less that 2 minutes?

Can't beat the price.

The plumping gloss is a clear lip gloss that smells/taste like mint. It gives your lips a tingling sensation. I guess it's suppose to feel like it's plumped? I couldn't tell if this actually plumped my lips since my lips are already pretty full. Anyways, the plump feeling wears off in about 10 minutes. The color wears off just as fast & since the color & plump feeling fades, you're left with just sticky lips.

I'm not a lip gloss type of girl but if i'm in dyer need of lip gloss I would buy it again only because it's so cheap.

The best couple of dollars i've ever spent.

As soon as the mask touches my face, I notice how cool & refreshing it feels. The tingly feeling makes me feel that it's drawing out all of my face's impurities right away. As I let the mask sit on my face, I can feel my skin tightening & my muscles relaxing. After I wash it off, I immediately notice how soft my skin is.

Soma S. says that this mask is boyfriend approved & I have to agree. I convinced my boyfriend to try it & he loved it.

This is an absolute must have!

*Please Note: As you wait for the mask to dry, you will look like an Avatar ;)

Great for someone with large pores

I've used these for quite a while & for me, it only takes out superficial dirt & doesn't get down to my pores. (I would hold my head over hot water to let the steam open up my pores, but it didn't do much) I noticed that once I pulled the strip off, there would be dirt only on the corners of my nose.

However, I did manage to talk my boyfriend into giving them a try. His pores are large & it did work better for him than it did for me. The strips did remove dirt & blackheads, but not all. I'd say 30-40% of his blackheads were removed. Maybe with more strips, it would have taken it all off? (i don't recommend using more than 1 at a time)

Overall, i'd recommend this product to someone with really large pores with combination to oily skin.

I like it!

I love Burt's Bee lip products. I bought 'Tiget Lily' but I don't see much of a difference between the shade & my natural lip color since the shade is very subtle. I'll definitely try a different shade next time. I'm not much of a lip gloss person so I like the fact that its a lip balm with a pop of color!

I recommend it.

I used to sell MK products & their mineral powder foundation is one of their best sellers & there is a reason why. I wear a Beige 1 for my skin tone. I also used to wear Bare Minerals when it first came out.

Compared to Bare Minerals, I actually do like MK mineral powders a bit more. The MK foundation power itself has a thicker consistency than BM allowing much more coverage while still being light & weightless. It last for a good amount of time too which is really good for oily skin types. I also found that due to the thicker consistency, the powder ends up more on my face than on top of the counter or my shirt. LOL

I'm slowly turning away from mineral powders because i'm at times clumsy and spill it everywhere. I also don't like the fact that i'm inhaling the tiny particles when i swirl the brush and apply it on my face. If you clean out your nose with a q-tip right after you apply any type of mineral powder, you'll see what I mean.

But I do recommend this foundation if you're the type of person that is looking for something that's lightweight & gives full coverage.


I used to sell MK products & actually bought the travel roll-up bag to sell to clients.

Instead, i've kept it for myself because I couldn't let go if this great product. It has 4 clear pouches (I keep my face products, eye shadows, lips products, & mascaras/eyeliners in each individual pouch) that allows you to see if a product has spilled/allow you to easily find an item. The clear pouches are attached to the exterior case via velcro. If you travel you can separate the individual pouches & stick it back later. My makeup filled each pouch up that the zipper barely closes, but it is strong enough to hold it while hanging on a door. If you decide that you need all your products, you can roll up the bag & can be carried around. It's a sleek looking bag & the pink accent is really cute!

Every woman needs this bag! It'll help you get organized & it's very convenient!

My signature scent.

I've been wearing this scent for the past 5 years. Of course I have other scents I apply, but whenever I wear Light Blue, I get tons of compliments. The scent is really light, crisp, and lasts a really long time. Every woman should have this in their collection of perfumes!


Soft Lips lip balm and Burt's Bees lip balm are my 2 favorite lip balms out there. However, I would say that I would buy Burt's Bees over Soft Lips just because I love the cooling, healing, & refreshing feeling I get once applied. Plus, it feels like i'm getting more for my money since Burt's packaging is quite thicker than Soft Lips. It also doesn't smell bad or taste bad either. LOL