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Tinted Lip Balm

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Jealous that the Burt's Bees brand this actually works for some people.

I thought that it felt too thick on the lips. It feels moisturizing at first, but overnight, I developed this thin layer of dead skin covering my entire lip. It's like my lips were fine and I put a coat of wax on it to dry. I feel like I wasted $8 on this. I got that shade "Petunia" which didn't do jack in the color department. Partially my fault I guess because my lips are a little pigmented. And no SPF!

I got the same waxy feeling and no good result with their Honey lip balm (which smells like diapers). This tinted lip balm has no bothersome smell or taste to me, but it didn't make the cut. Trash.

I have this in rose and hibiscus. really nice as a lip balm, goes on like butter and moisturizes well. I wasn't reapplying every 5 min. has a sweet fruity smell, faint and only noticeable in the tube. the tint of color is just right for rosey, natural-looking lips.

Rachele A.
Not impressed with the tint.

When I saw that it would be tinted I thought it would be great. This balm does moisturize pretty well but it doesn't really tint and clumps a bit on your lips and sometimes tints a little too much...

Chris S.
Very moisturizing, but that's it.

I really wanted to like this lip balm but I really wasn't impressed. The only positive is that it is very moisturizing. It feels a bit thick on your lips but that seems to be the price you pay for moisture.

The biggest negative for me is the scent. It's HORRIBLE! It's like a combination of wax and cherry-flavored medicine. Thankfully the smell doesn't last very long once you apply it and you can't taste it either, but it's really strong when you open the tube. I don't know why they went with this scent instead of something like mint or vanilla, like many other brands do. I would prefer unscented balm to this fake cherry smell.

My second problem with this balm is that there is almost no pigmentation. I bought Red Dahlia, which looks like a rich dark red in the tube and looks invisible on my lips! I was really disappointed because I loved the color. I won't bother trying any other colors.

The bottom line is that this is a very moisturizing lip balm, but there is almost no color to it and it smells awful. VERY disappointing and absolutely not worth the $7 I paid for it! I can't even recommend this as a regular moisturizing balm because of the smell and high price tag. You can find cheaper lip balms that are just as moisturizing and smell/taste a lot nicer.

Margarita R.

My colour of balm is Pink Blossom. In tube it looks rich and very bright! The smell is sweet like lollipop and very pleasant. The texture of the balm is so soft, it has in composition Shea Butter, which is a valuable, nourishing addition to moisturizers for the reduction of wrinkles and to improve the elasticity of the skin and protect it against environmental aging. By applying the balm I feel how my lips start to get moistened. They look more healthy and attractive. I apply a thin layer on lips, because I like to add a light colour to lips. But applying 2-3 layers will make lips more rich. To sum it up, I can say, that the lip balm solves my 2 problems very well: it gives moistening and colour. This lip balm is 100% natural, it has beeswax and shea butter inside. It doesn’t make lips sticky – it makes shiny. It is worth to try it!

Kate L.
My go-to

I have this in Rose and I love the color. It looks totally natural, like I just have a very rosy mouth. I wear it in every season, but in winter, it literally does not leave my purse- I am very fair and it provides just the extra color to make me look alive. If I am looking extra pale, I even put it on my cheekbones as blush, and it looks great and lasts well. Very moisturizing, and has lasted me forever even with constant use. I will say that it does not stain your lips much, so if you're looking for something a bit longer-wearing, maybe opt for Baby Lips. But I really prefer this- it's much more moisturizing, and doesn't smell like candy.

Sydnee M.

I use this balm all the time. I wanted to find a good moisturizing product and this delivers. I live in the desert where chap stick is basically a necessity. The tint doesn't show as much as I'd like but once you put it on, your lips stay moisturized which is something I can't say about 80% of the other chap sticks I've used. Buy. It.

Julianne J.
Pretty good, should have gotten another color

I got this maybe last year, and thought the cardboard tube it came in was the actual size of the product- like a chubby stick. I was a little disappointed that it wasn't but got over it. The packaging/design/colors are cute- I like that they differentiated between this kind of product and their shimmers and balms. I got Tiger Lily, but realized I might have liked a different hue because this was more warm toned on my lips, and I have cooler undertones. So, I cast if off to the top shelves of my train case to use on potential future clients. I just tried it on again, after neglecting it for so long, and realized its still lightly tinted enough to not lean tooo warm for me. Of course I knew, then and now, that I could doctor this if I want, to get a more perfect color. I just feel silly that I let such a little factor deter me from enjoying the product. But you know how it is when you're not feeling a perfectly good product. Don't ya? ;) Product wise this is a great example of a tinted lip balm. Its super shiny on lips and leaves a great tint of color. Tiger Lilly would look amazing on medium-warm skin tones, I think, giving a "my lips but better" vibe. It feels very silky on the lips, has an interesting scent, and swatches well, a sort of salmon/coral hue. I like when a swatch is relatively vibrant because it lets you know if it will be pigmented enough on your lips (just a little trick that works for me, not on everyone, of course). This is almost the same color of another lip product that was a little warm on me- Palladio's herbal lip slix, in creme cocoa. Because the color turned me off initially I wasn't too eager to get other colors, and they aren't the cheapest, as is usual with Burt's stuff. If I can motivate myself to get excited about it more, I can fuss with it, but in any event, its a great product, shade issues aside. If these were on sale, I might snatch the other shades I KNOW would work on me, and If I'm "bad" I'll get a few, or at least one, at some point, anyway.

Olivia F.
Love it!

I love this product so much! Leaves my lips feeling so soft and kissable ;) Gives off a lovely tint and i recommend this to all my friends! Must buy product in my opinion <3

Kayla H.

cannot stand the waxy smell it was uncomfortable for me but i loved the color!! Too bad :( i really wish i would have seen the review on this first because it was almost 5 dollars