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Travel Roll-Up Bag (unfilled)

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Kayla N.
Worth the price tag, cute, sleek, reliable, and pink!
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I use to own this roll up and loved it at one point in time it held all of my products, that was the ultimate downfall of the roll up... it was so cute and filled that someone was very easily able to walk off with it without me detecting them. :( I am looking to repurchase the bag soon. :)

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Paula J.
Not the best quality

I love it for a few days but then I realize that if you don't fill it it gets really uncomfortable to keep it at home. It doesn't keep the form. A few weeks later to zips came out because of the stitches low quality.

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Asia T.
Organization at its best

So i am getting ready to go to Jamaica, and i am taking my roll up bag with me b/c it has four large compartments. In the first compartment, i put my skincare items. the second compartment i put my gel liners, paintpots, and my mac palette (it actually fits-the 15 palette). I have two other compartments left to put stuff in. if you like to be organized, this is for you.

Jennifer T.
Perfect for travel and everyday use!

As the lovely ladies before me have said, it's perfect for easily storing items while simultaneously keeping them out of the way and freeing up space. I actually have two of these; one is used for keeping my makeup spares (false lashes, brushes, brush cleaners, etc.), while the other is used for keeping my anti-aging products and moisturizers. I'm only 25, but hey, you have to start fighting those wrinkles early! :D

Jamie R.

I used to sell MK products & actually bought the travel roll-up bag to sell to clients.

Instead, i've kept it for myself because I couldn't let go if this great product. It has 4 clear pouches (I keep my face products, eye shadows, lips products, & mascaras/eyeliners in each individual pouch) that allows you to see if a product has spilled/allow you to easily find an item. The clear pouches are attached to the exterior case via velcro. If you travel you can separate the individual pouches & stick it back later. My makeup filled each pouch up that the zipper barely closes, but it is strong enough to hold it while hanging on a door. If you decide that you need all your products, you can roll up the bag & can be carried around. It's a sleek looking bag & the pink accent is really cute!

Every woman needs this bag! It'll help you get organized & it's very convenient!

Vicky N.

My travel bag for all my beauty products! Can't do without the convienence of it, even at home! Each section is dedicated to a particular set of beauty producrs so I don'y have to go thru all the sections. From hand lotion, microdermabrasion set, cleasers to makeup. Love it!

Mia A.

Ever buy products & throw them in a drawer or under the sink to "save for when you run out of your current ___" only to forget about it & never see it again? This bag TOTALLY changed that for me. There are 4 separate, detachable, clear pouches to hold all of your daily products & so much more. I put my m/u remover, cleanser & moisturizer in one, hair stuff in the other, toiletries in another & everyday makeup in the last one. I love that I can pull one off & throw it in my gym bag for easy access! I fold it up & take it on trips, then hang it on the door to minimize the mess all over the counter! Definitely a keeper in my book!

Sarita S.
The best roll up ever!

I've been looking for quite some time a good and useful roll up. And finally I've found the perfect one! Some of its features: -Five can see through pouches. -Velcro attached so you can separate them from the roll up to go wherever you want, taking just one pouch with essentially what you need. -You can hang it behind your bedroom or bathroom door. -It is machine washable!

Cristine D.
cant go wrong with this! can carry everything!

i love how its also a hanger so that you can hang on the doors of your bathroom or in your room and also that its like a bag itself with a handle. also on the inside, they have individual pouches that can come off as little makeup bags to put in your purse to go!

Rebakah G.
Keeps my go to products at hand!

I do like this pouch for keeping my most used products at hand. I simply hang it on the back of my bath door. The only complaint I have is that the Velcro could be a bit more "sticky" if I don't make sure the two are connected well my pouch will fall off! Not good for pressed cosmetics