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get it!

i love this product! perfect for a sheer wash of color or as a base. i have been using tough as taupe for my neutral and brighter looks. staying power is intense....but i used mine with a primer...goes on best with fingers....i want to get more of these!

i recieved udpp with my naked palette and have only used it with that so far. before i was using tfsi and i adored it...but im loving primer potion...i think i need to get the full size. The only thing is the removal...i have to basically scrub on my eyes to get it off....other then that, its wonderful..i want to try the different ones also.


i just got this palette about a week ago and i am in love!! this is the first urban decay product i have ever got and i am super impressed with it!! the color payout is phenom and i love the different finishes! im a shimmer/glitter girl and the shimmers are fantastic!! i definatly recommend this palette to everyone!!


Sodium Lauryl Sulfoacetate, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate. these are some ingredients listed but they are all sulfate. it may say sulfate free but just from sodium lauryl sulfate.

in love with burts bees.

LOVE this lip balm. i discovered it about 2 yrs ago and havent looked back since! very moisturizer and i have VERY dry lips. in the winter it is my lipsaver. i also love the fact is all natural and even with spf doesnt smell or taste bad. Everyone should have this!!

i have the shimmer version and discovered coastal scents before i met the lady i get my eyeshadows from and i love it. Im pretty pale but the color payoff is good if you have a good primer and brushes. the only thing i dont like is if you use it alot some of the fall out from the brush gets strewn all over the other colors and certain colors are harder to blend with. great for beginners though!!

good for beginners

i got the glitter set and i love them! i started off with the white handled elf brushes but i didnt really like them. I was browsing around their website and saw this and for 20 bucks i had to pick it up! so far so good. Ive had them for about 6 months and use these brushes daily. never had a problem with them and even after washing multiple times they are still soft and hold product phenomenally.

love elf!!

i got this brush in the studio kit a while back. I was afraid of it at first since i have NEVER used a brush like this. Once i discovered this site, i watched some videos with this brush and started using it and i fell in complete love with this brush!! gives me a flawless finish and has multiple uses!

love this!!

i got this when it first came out and i LOVE IT!!! my lashes are fairly thick and long anyways but this just made them pop!! i highly recommend this mascara as my fave drugstore mascara!!

thick and goopy

i heard ALOT of great reviews of Essie and saw it in every magazine so i figured i would give it a try....wasnt too impressed. The color in the bottle is amazing but when you apply it to your nails it is thick and goopy. also seems to be very sheer and takes about 4 or 5 coats for a bright color.

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