Beauty Product Reviews

Great starter set for the aspiring artist!

I absolutely love Temptu's silicone based airbrush foundations! It provides awesome coverage, doesn't sweat of or rub offf, looks super natural on camera, as well as in person, feels totally lightweight, and is blendable when wet. This set is great for those starting in makeup, each bottle will do quite a few faces, you only need a little bit. Once you figure out which shades you go through the most in your area, you can buy the bigger bottles and refill the smaller ones to carry around. Love Temptu!

The best liner out there!!!

It goes on smoothly and dark, draws super thin or super thick lines, and stays put all day long! The pointed tip makes it super easy to do a fab winged liner as well! I'd tried tons of liner before trying this one and have now used it for years! By far, the best!

Huge Fan!

I love urban decay shadows. I use them almost everyday. Super smooth to apply, beautifully pigmented, and they blend wonderfully. Super cute packaging too. I get giddy everytime they come out with a new palette...even though I know it's most just the old shadows with new names lol My faves are sin, kiddie pool, ydk, twice baked, and esctasy.

Beautiful Finish

This is the setting powder I use on all my clients (and myself) after airbrushing or using traditional makeup. It sets everything beautiful and helps with that flawless finish everyone wants. It's also a great sheer powder when you don't feel like dealing with foundation. It makes your skin look soft, even, and healthy, and gets rid of excess shine. Love it!

They work well...

These are actual the best makeup removing towelettes I've found. They didn't sting my eyes and removed makeup quickly. I used to love to use them, but I suddenly became allergic to them, so no more for me :*(

Good blush

I've been using Pink Passion and Candid Coral and I like them a lot. They're great considering they're only $3. They apply silky smooth and don't look ashy.

Good polish for the price

Wide range of colors. All really pretty. Decent color payoff...two coats or more is needed. I'm using the orange color under white shatter and it looks a creamsicle

Slowly becoming addicted...

I really, really didn't want to get pulled into the MAC craze, but their shadows are roping me in. Some aren't so spectacular...but they have A LOT of great eyeshadows in tons of colors. Most have great pigmentation, and blend and apply smoothly. With pro discount, you can't beat the price. I'm not going to say they're the best of the best, cause that's definately not true, but they are great eyeshadows. Some are misleading online, so try to test at a store before you's more fun anyway :)

Good colors but...

I love all the colors and the way the blush applies. It's great when you first put it on, but it tends to fade (at least on me) after a while. I have to make sure I use a setting spray or the color's gone in a few hours.

Fun to wear!

This product is fun to wear while the fad lasts. The only thing I don't like is it tends to dry out in the bottle pretty quickly. Make sure you apply sparingly and put a top coat on. Super fun with black and pinks or black or teal. Right now I'm rocking white shatter with orange underneath :)

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