S/B Foundations 12 Pack Starter Set


Marjonelle M.

LOVE this product A LOT! I use this for my brides and other celebrants on their special day.. I even use it for myself.. It can be applied for sheer to full coverage and still look flawless and natural. Feels great!

Kathy W.

Amazing formula for sheer to full coverage and still look natural...2 thumbs up! Primary starter pack in fantasy colors used here. Red was my color of choice for this look.

Renay K.
Works Great

This is the first time I have ever used the Porcelain S/B foundation and I love everything came out great. I asked my client the next day if it was hard getting the makeup off and he said nope he came off pretty easy. This is my go to for flawless airbrushed skin.

Rebecca M.

I use the s/b the old fashion way, with an airbrush gun by Temptu. It is great for weddings. film. photo shoots and water shoots. No matter how close you get it is beautiful.

Moden M.
Worth it!

These foundations are the bomb.com. Sweatproof, heat proof and long lasting. I used them on a model recently to conceal stretch marks, along with the concealer wheel. I also concealed her tattoo and the hyper pigmentation along her posterior. There is a variety of shades and you can even mix and match them.

Pros: lightweight, offer good coverage, easy to use whether in gun, on wedges or fingertips. Cons: none so far

Rachel B.
Great starter set for the aspiring artist!

I absolutely love Temptu's silicone based airbrush foundations! It provides awesome coverage, doesn't sweat of or rub offf, looks super natural on camera, as well as in person, feels totally lightweight, and is blendable when wet. This set is great for those starting in makeup, each bottle will do quite a few faces, you only need a little bit. Once you figure out which shades you go through the most in your area, you can buy the bigger bottles and refill the smaller ones to carry around. Love Temptu!

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