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They're Reak Mascara

I was not all that impressed by They're Real Mascara. I did not find that it did anything for my lashes, in fact i felt it kind of left my lashes looking flat. The mascara did not create volume, length, nor did it lift the lashes. I also found that after removing the mascara sometimes it would leave a residue behind and I would have to go back and whip the left over product away. It did do a good job at separating my lashes and i had no issues with it smudging. This is not a product I would purchase again.

I have heard a lot of great things about the Smashbox photo finish primer. However, my experience with using the primer was not all that great.

The texture of the primer has a silky, light weight texture to it. I did not find that it reduced the appearance of my pores. Within a week of using the primer my face broke out really bad. So it is safe to say that this is not a product I will be using again or would recommend.

This is a pretty good primer. I actually received a travel size of this primer in a gift set I purchased at Victoria's Secret which was great because I was interested in trying this primer. This primer is light weight and sheer, it also keeps my eyeshadow on up to 11 hours that is the longest I have worn my eyeshadow with this primer. I would not say that the primer will intensify the color of the eyeshadow but it will definitely keep your eyeshadow put until you are ready to take it off. The cost of this primer is $12.00

I am a big fan of Marc Jacob perfumes so anytime a new fragrance is released I am always interested in testing it out. I finally broke down and purchase this fragrance I had, had my eye on it for a while now. I not only love the fragrance but I also love the bottle. The bottle brings life to some of the boring perfume bottles I have in my collection.

Cost $48.00

I first smelled this fragrance while in Macy’s at the fragrance counter and I wasn’t really all that impress because I had smelled several other fragrances so everything smelled the same to me. I later received a sample of this fragrance in a Sephora order and I had to have it. Luckily for me Sephora had a sale for the set which comes with a 1.7oz bottle of perfume and the rollerball fragrance as well as a tattoo for the low price of $45.00, so I kept the big bottle for myself and gave the rollerball to my mom who also loves the fragrance. If you are lucky to take advantage of the sale that Sephora has going on now you will definitely get a good deal on the fragrance because the rollerball cost $19.00 and the 1.7oz bottle cost $55.00 so I say if you can take advantage of getting the whole set for $45.00.

I would also like to add that First and foremost the packaging is great! The bottle is like no other perfume bottle I have so it looks great on my dresser right along side with my other perfume bottles. I like the fact that the perfume is black because it allows the bottle to stand out more and it brings a different twist on what I am use to seeing. The fragrance it self I love! The fragrance is not to light but it’s not too strong.

I find that this is an ok product. I don’t feel like it is a product that is a must to add to my beauty routine, I can do with it or without it. I have combination skin, oily in my T zone and normal everywhere else. I have notice in those colder months when my skin is drier or if I am treating my skin with an acne medication the moisturizer does nothing for my skin. I will apply the moisturizer then have to apply another moisturizer so my skin will not feel that tight feeling. When my skin is in its normal state, (combination) I have no issue with this moisturizer keeping my skin hydrated. I can say that with this moisturizer I do notice that no matter how much apply to my face this moisturizer never feels or look greasy on my face.

I have not used Audacious Asphalt as a eyeshadow alone I usually use this product as a base. I apply some sort of primer then the color tattoo then whatever eye shadow I plan on wearing for that day. This particular color has a lot of pigmenation it goes on smooth and it does has a lot of tiny shimmer to it. When applying this product i always use my finger. I first warm the product up rubbing my finger around in it then I apply for a more smoother application.

I received this fragrance as a sample and I really enjoyed the smell so I went out and purchased my mom and myself a bottle of this fragrance. It is one that I found myself wearing on a daily basic until I use it up.

This is a nice sexy fragrance that I enjoy wearing. I purchased this fragrance for my sister and she is a big time lover of this fragrance she wears it all the time. I am actually thinking of purchasing a bigger bottle of this fragrance.

  • C7

Mac face and body foundation is a very light and sheer foundation. It does not look like foundation at all when you apply it, it looks like your skin with a little glow to it. It does leave a sticky feeling after you apply the product but once you set it the sticky feeling will go away. Within an hour or two I do start to get oily and will have to blot throughout the day but other than that the foundation last all day on me and is pretty good.

I do have normal to combination skin. I am usually oily in my T-zone. My color is C7. It does come in a 4oz bottle for $32.50.

I recently purchased the smaller bottle of this foundation and I don't know if the formula is different or what but the one that I recently purchased from the new collection does not leave that tacky feeling behind and I have not been getting oily. I have had to blot once a day if that. This has become my new favorite liquid foundation. The smaller version is in a 1.7 bottle and the cost is $27.00. The smaller bottle I am thinking will last me for a year or more because I have been using it for a little over 2 weeks and I have not put a dent in it yet. I have set this foundation with setting powder and I have use this foundation without setting it and either way I was please with the overall outcome with the foundation. I would recommend this foundation to those who do not have a lot of skin problems because the foundation is a sheer foundation. I sometimes apply this foundation with the E.L.F. powder brush however I love applying it with my fingers for a better coverage.

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