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Flora Eau de Parfum


gee m.

This is a nice sexy fragrance that I enjoy wearing. I purchased this fragrance for my sister and she is a big time lover of this fragrance she wears it all the time. I am actually thinking of purchasing a bigger bottle of this fragrance.

Choco K.
Flowery without being cloying

This perfume is lovely and light. Perfect for warmer weather. It's feminine and intriguing without any old lady rose essence to overwhelm the fragrance. It's also quite versatile and works for day and night, casual and dressy.

Michelle P.
Love at first whiff~

I originally bought this for my Mom for Mother's Day when it first released. I fell in love with it so much that I put it on my wishlist for my birthday...and Christmas!

I enjoy wearing this perfume at any time of the day. It works really well with my body chemistry. I spray it on one wrist, (at the pulse point.) I rub both wrists together and then use my wrists as an applicator, to use on my carotid arteries.

The smell is not over-powering (to me.) It <i>does</i> of course contain floral notes, which changes after a few hours. Sometimes the fragrance will linger into the next morning. (Yes, even after a shower!) I guess that is why I enjoy this perfume so much. If only Gucci could develop a smell that captures the smell of the last note. If you enjoy any of the other Gucci fragrances what came out in 2010-present, you will most-likely enjoy this one. Don't let the initial application keep you from giving it a chance. It really is a lovely smell!

Tramaine T.

Christmas of 2011, my dad bought me this perfume. I thought it would be a great fragrance because of the name. But I was wrong , this is a very floral scented. I'm not a real big fan of floral fragrances so I didn't take much of a liking to it. But it is not a horrible perfume at all , it last for hours, and the smell softens throughout the day. So if you like floral scents this can be an option.

Jasmine H.
Hated it!

I only tried this perfume because I have never bought the front counter new perfume of the month that everyone else buys. I should have stuck to my rule, the notes changed to something that didn't smell good with my chemistry. Plus, it wears quick. It doesn't last all day, thank God!