Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum, 3.4 oz

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Christine B.

The whole idea Lady Gaga had for this Parfum was a scary exterior, but once given a sniff, is actually really sweet. It represents her own character in that sense. It smells amazing and is my favorite scent at the moment and probably will be for a long time. I heard it has taken them 2 years to find a formula that is black but turns clear when sprayed and I feel it was worth the wait. Lady Gaga is never the time of person to half-ass anything is this product is an example.

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Karla W.
Great Day or Night

This fragrance can be used for day time or night. I just bought the roller ball size to try it out, and fell in love with the scent. It's sweet from the honey, and musky from the belladonna. It really is great, and not very over powering as some fragrances tend to be. I can still slightly smell it after the past 5 hours of wear, and I only used a tiny bit from my roller ball size. I look forward to buy the biggest size offered in this.

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Mitch R.
Fresh, yet elegant scent- with a hint of sophistication

I love this smell- I don't wear it myself, but I think that it is a gorgeous smell on any woman or in any store. I am excited to see Gaga reveal her soon-to-be unisex parfum, in which case I will be a faithful buyer. I love how fruity it smells, yet it has a very subtle hint of musk. It is great for all ages, I'd say it definitely caters to someone in their 20's on up, however. Not really a young girls perfume.

NEVERTHELESS- well deserving of 5 stars

Nadia N.
One of my faves

The scent is gorgeous and I cannot stop wearing it. It has a dark musky and a wee bit floral. The fluid looks black in the bottle but on the skin is clear.

Amber F.

Amazing! This product smells wonderful and the packing is the best I have seen for a perfume. The black liquid is unique and the overall experience was great. I love Lady Gags and I love this product, recommend it to everyone. (As a side note, this perfume is not just for women, it is both men and women.)

Meghan N.

I had some major reservations about buying this perfume especially as I couldn't sample it first. But I took a gamble and purchased it anyway. One word. FABULOUS!! I love the smell of it so much it has replaced my usual must have. It's perfect for the fall and winter seasons.

Rebecca C.

I was really surprised how nice this perfume was because the color is black.. And I must say I really didn't take to it because of the color it put me off buying it but once I bought it I couldn't get enough it smells so beautiful and if you're into your perfumes this is a must have!

Vaso B.
Favourite perfume

It smells so so good.I am obsessed with it! It's great if you like strong sweet scents.I wear it every day-mostly nightime and I would definitely recommend it.It is the perfect perfume for te fall and winter time.

Kara M.

This perfume smells SO good. Like it's literally to die for and I have a great sense for scents. I don't even own it personally, a friend of mine does and every time I go to her house the first thing I do is spray myself lol

Salma A.
One of my favorite perfumes!

Now, I am a little monster aka huge GaGa fan but I will (try) to keep any bias out of this. I am in love with this perfume and even my mom who doesn't like GaGa likes the smell of it too! The concept of a black fluid perfume that turns clear when touching oxygen is revolutionary and drawed my attention immeadietly. I was at Macys & was looking for this perfume because of how eager I was to smell this, so long story short, I sniffed it, I fainted, I got back up, and wanted it- no, NEEDED it. But I didn't have enough money at the time so I would wait. I ended up getting the gift set for Christmas with the small bottle, the large, and some GaGaesque nails I plan on using for Halloween. This perfume smells like a floral medly with hints of apricot and a great scent for any occasion. Long story short, totally recommend! Definitely go to your local Sephora or Macys and give it a whiff! My blog post including this perfume: