Lady Gaga Fame Eau de Parfum, 3.4 oz


Mitch R.
Fresh, yet elegant scent- with a hint of sophistication

I love this smell- I don't wear it myself, but I think that it is a gorgeous smell on any woman or in any store. I am excited to see Gaga reveal her soon-to-be unisex parfum, in which case I will be a faithful buyer. I love how fruity it smells, yet it has a very subtle hint of musk. It is great for all ages, I'd say it definitely caters to someone in their 20's on up, however. Not really a young girls perfume.

NEVERTHELESS- well deserving of 5 stars

wieme a.

an attractive black perfume that has a secret wonderful smell , nice bottle with golden design .. the perfume is light and cheerful , perfect for summer.. my bottle has been lost and am very sorry

Mary L.

The color of the perfume is definitely very different from others But it will turn out colorlesson your skin . I personally think it smells more on the sweeter it.

Nadia N.
One of my faves

The scent is gorgeous and I cannot stop wearing it. It has a dark musky and a wee bit floral. The fluid looks black in the bottle but on the skin is clear.

Amber F.

Amazing! This product smells wonderful and the packing is the best I have seen for a perfume. The black liquid is unique and the overall experience was great. I love Lady Gags and I love this product, recommend it to everyone. (As a side note, this perfume is not just for women, it is both men and women.)

Christa M.

It's an amazing smell, but like most celebrity perfumes.. It doesn't last very long. After I spray it.. It may last an hour or two so if you want it to stay around, you have to "touch up" and spray every few hours. I love the scent though! It's really pretty yet edgy and unique

Mickey  J.
it wasn't meant to be

being the adoring fan of lady gaga since age 12, I couldn't wait to try out her first perfume. At first spray it smelt great, not too overpowering. However the scent didn't seem to last long (but on certain fabrics or did), and no matter how much I sprayed no one seem to noticed the smell unless they were SERIOUSLY in my personal space. I truly did love the scent, but what's the use of no one else can appreciate it too??

Jina C.

this perfume was not for me. the scent was too strong even tho i put little. the smell is not that gurly or pretty. it was just too strong for me

Michelle C.
Smells great BUT

it did not settle well with my body chemistry, which really disappoints me because I'm a HUGE fan of Gaga! I felt like I smelled like a little old lady. It's a great scent in the bottle though.

Meghan N.

I had some major reservations about buying this perfume especially as I couldn't sample it first. But I took a gamble and purchased it anyway. One word. FABULOUS!! I love the smell of it so much it has replaced my usual must have. It's perfect for the fall and winter seasons.