Marc Jacobs

Oh, Lola!


Georgia S.

This is my absolute favorite perfume of all time. It used to be Daisy, and then Lola, and then this one came out! I love MJ scents, they're pretty much beautiful. This one is very young, playful, summery & sweet. Absolutely gorgeous!

gee m.

I am a big fan of Marc Jacob perfumes so anytime a new fragrance is released I am always interested in testing it out. I finally broke down and purchase this fragrance I had, had my eye on it for a while now. I not only love the fragrance but I also love the bottle. The bottle brings life to some of the boring perfume bottles I have in my collection.

Cost $48.00

Brenda X.
I like it

It is very floral and girly. This is not a fragrance over 30 year old beacause is very young smell, I feel younger when I use it, hahaha. I have to say that is not a fragrance for every day, I think is perfect for the spring-summer time. I love the design of the bottle!

Kara R.

This was my go to scent for this past spring as every season I try to switch up my fragrance. I finished the bottle and am looking to buy another one because it's that good!! Just what I like, a fresh smell that is not overpowering.

Vivian J.
Great Perfume!

I absolutely love this perfume. I had heard a lot about it so I decided to try it! I went to Sephora and sampled it. The smell was amazing! It lasts a long time too.

Sarah M.

love this scent.. I have it in rollerball form and it's awesome It's a light refreshing scent and i likez it a lot I wish it were nicer to my wallet because it is rather expensive...=\ It does last and it kinda....calms me... if that makes sense.

Ivana C.
Oh, Lola! I love you!

I attended an event where I received this fragrance as Gratis. But to be fair, I own the original Lola fragrance, and I love it. Oh, Lola! is more sparkly and light. I like to wear different fragrances according to my moods, and I like to wear this during the day, when I feel pretty and feminine and soft. This particular scent works well with my chemistry and a little goes a long way. The original Lola is more of "statement" fragrance, I prefer this one for evenings out.

Iris P.
Smiling Scent

This is a very soft scent, it isn't strong, doesn't give one a headache, if anything I overuse it and still feel like I need to spray some more. It is long lasting but it's a soft mist, I can honestly say it's very therapeutic. So far I've had many perfumes and I got this for X-mas and I really love it, I would say that it is my favorite so far that I've owned ever.

Myrna P.
Pretty Nice

This perfume smells pretty decent. I have to let it settle in or else it's just too much. I love Marc Jacobs and all he does. I prefer Daisy Eau So Fresh but will use this one on occasion

Molly S.

I was given this by my dad in a super small travel sample and I just keep it in my purse for when i need a pick me up. I constantly offer it to my friends as a pick me up and they love it! it smells really girly and flirty and happy :)