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Clean, Wet, Plush

Now mascara is a very personal item as well as foundation. How a mascara works for one person will differ from another individual. For me, the claims that is gel-mousse, non flaky, and give volume was what I was looking at. I have short stubby lashes even curling them with an eyelash curler after a couple hours it goes right back straight down. Having said this, Mega plush did make my lashes my volumized and gave a glossy finish alone. So according to the claim it does what it says. However holding a curl, the wet formula (which takes longer to dry prevents flakiness however makes curls loose) Thus an advice, a good pair is Mega plush first layer then Falsies 2nd layer (any dry formula mascara will work)

I love the soft brow look, I'm not really fan of edgy brows that look completely drawn on. Although you can create that look with this kit. The kit has on one side a tinted wax and on the other a eyebrow shadow.

I would suggest to use the wax first and the brow shadow after and brush it out. allows for the shadow to stick to the wax and prevent the shadow from shifting.

Another way, if your not a fan of the wax. Use your favorite brow pencil and used the brow shadow from the kit to soften the pencil and brush it out for a full soft brow look..

The applicator that comes along with this kit does its job. it isn't the best brush however not unusable.

ALSO its only 3$ USD so its a great buy.. Ps. if your looking for a flesh tone shadow to use on your lids to create a natural eye look you can totally use the brow shadow ..however i recommend using the brow shadow from the kit one shade lighter than the one you use for your brow.

My go to pencil liner. I'm a liquid pen liner kinda girl cause i don't like the idea of tugging and pulling pencil liner cause.

the MUFE aqua eyes is one of the best pencil liner I have every used its dark and a true black ( not one of those liner that are a really dark blue)

I use it for tight-lining and on my waterline. It stay on all day however it isn't as creamy as other liners it s a bit more dry formula that require to be warmed up to go on well..

Over all a great liner that stays on all day doesn't smudge and is well pigmented.

HAHA first off can I say the I love how NARS names their products. Whenever I have girl talk about NARS prducts my boyfriend think I'm having the other more intimate talk. HAHA

I digress The super orgasm is a wonderful blush if pink suites your skin type. If you have darker skin it would be hard for the pink to show though. If you hate blushes with shimmer this blush is not for you. Super orgasm is basically orgasm with a bunch of glitter.The glitter after applying onto your skin with a brush is basically buffed off but leaves a more finely milled shimmer.

Also if your have enlarged pores or scarring on your cheeks and you are worried about how noticeable they are .. do find a matte blush or a blush that has a sheen rather than shimmer.

Overall a great pigmented shimmery glittery blush

How can u beat 3$ USD.

The bronzer is darker than the NYC sunny but unlike sunny the elf bronzer has shimmer that noticeable in the pan but when applied the noticeable shimmer doesn't transfer onto the skin but it does apply with a more satin or sheen finish. its well pressed and even with a brush doesn't create a lot of fall out.

The blush as well is well pressed as well its a pink blush with golden finely milled shimmer.

A great combination of bronzer and blush put into one and both are pigmented. Over a great kit to have when your building your make-up collection.

The Revlon Photo Ready foundation is simply a miss. It doesn't really make it photo ready. And for people who claim its doesn't have shimmer in it need to look closer cause it is there. Although it is very fine and can easily have been over looked.

Pro: based on oily, acne prone, acne scar skin none

Con: based on oily, acne prone, acne scar skin

- doesn't control oil: requires a lot of maintenance

- the fine shimmer accentuates enlarged pores and scars; We both know that acne scars are something we want to hide and this product is not something that does that.

- grabs onto dry patches

-pricey for a drugstore: I believe i spent 13 $ USD for this

- gives skin a rough texture

-not many shades to work with.

Overall I would skip out on this if your have oily, acne prone, and acne scarring. If you want to stay in the drugstore range I would rather used revlon colorstay.

the revlon colorstay is definitely one of the best drugstore foundation I've tried

pro: It gives a matte finish controls oil average color range (good for drugstore)

con: dries quickly (can be fixed with added moisturizer however in its raw form is dries fast) can tend to cake (again if your don't work fast and blend it out to give a thin layer) can accentuate flaky patches (from drying out pimples from acne 3 steps regiments) can accentuate bumps on your skin feel a bit heavy

Overall i rather think that for a drugstore its the best to work with. Alone its to dry of a formula to create a flawless moisturized face. It need to be mixed with moisturizer to thin it out or wet a sponge to get a good coverage that doesn't look heavy. Personally I don't think that oily skin means that we don't need moisture. Thus the product rated alone is average just because I have to change the consistency to create a skin I want.

F80 brush is unbelievably amazing simply a must have

I use this brush to apply liquid foundation everyday. Also can be used for cream foundation as well.

For a flawless finish stipple the foundation with the brush onto your face. The brushes are soft and dense which helps in the liquid from being eaten by your brushes.

However I can say between the F80 and F82 round top kabuki brush: the F82 is more dense and is a better brush for buffing.

You can try all top face brushes from sigma in their face kit which includes the F80, F82, and F84 all for 45 $

There is really nothing to be said about this primer that hasn't already been said.

its a great primer doesn't exactly what its suppose to do. Prevents creasing keep eyelids matted makes eyelids more vivid

All around great primer that you can always count on must have !

OMG this is a god send.. one of the only concealers that doesn't settle into fine lines under my eyes. i'm only in my early 20's however I already have 2 deep line under my eyes ( makes me sad) this is the only concealer that doesn't seem to settle into creates and simply just gives good coverage. Its creamy but not to the point where it rubs off throughout your day.

It can be used for under your eyes,above your brows, above your lips, sides of your lips, and on blemishes to brighten and conceal your skin.

I got mine for about 17.00USD Its a winner for me and underneath MAC studio fix fluid is certainly a flawless finish.

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