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Ashley B.
Cheeky cheeks

PROS: I love NARS blush. I have tried just about every color, its my moms favorite brand, so she has a lot. I like to mix Super Orgasm and Deep Throat, it creates the perfect color for my skin tone. All of NARS blush has shimmer in it, but it's never over done. All of the colors are very pigmented and long lasting. They also photograph beautifully.

CONS: I suggest trying samples of the blush's before you buy. Some of the blush looks way lighter in the package than it is on your face.

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Millan D.

i took this shade idk why, but at first i thought it would be great but the gold glitter in it i just couldnt resist it , the glitter particles falls everywhere on my face, no doubt the nars blushes are relly good pigmented but this shade super orgasm is not at all my cup of tea and i WONT even recommend buying this particular shade to anyone.

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Heather M.
Wonderfully glowy!

This blush is a staple for my fair skin. It contains a small amount of sparkle but it does make you look as if you're glowing from within. I use it everyday and get compliments quite a lot.

Vanessa b.

i have a free sample of this, and once that runs out im defo buying the full sized one (: !!! it has a lot of shimmer in it, but i think it looks quite flattering (: i have olive skin and i think it really complements my skin tone

Melissa V.

This was my first NARS blush. Super Orgasm is a coraly pink with gold sparkles. I love using this for a night out look. Don't be fooled by the sparkles though, may be a bit much for the daytime but at night it makes my cheeks pop!

Amanda K.
best blush in the world

super orgasm is my favourite out of all the nars blushes. orgasm is great and they just improved greatness with this one. the sparkles arent overpowering, they're kinda gilded, a nice gold, which is great because although im fair skinned, i have a yellow undertone, so the gold balances it all nicely. beautiful!

Karen F.

I use the shade of super orgasm. It has some gold spakles to it and can be intimidating ! But once you apply it, the shimmer it very mild ! The color fits perfectly with my skin, and is very natural looking. The pigmentation is great, shows up very well ! I usually don't apply too much brush...keeping it natural, and this blush surprisingly does the job considering it is a more glamourous shade. Overall, great application, long lasting and fantastic pigmention. Nars definately has the best blushes in my opinion!

Maura Z.
LOVE! <3

Okay so I bought the NARS Danmari and it is a very amazing palette! There's 6 colors 1 highlight, 1 bronzer, and 4 blushes. I think my absolute favorite blush so far is Super orgasm! It has a lot of shimmer and glitter and is a perfect color for my lightly toned complexion. The peachy pink also goes well with lightly colored eyes, mine are blue. I like the orgasm too but I think the super orgasm has a prettier glow to it. Yes, these blushes are expensive but it's a fact that moderation is key. they are very pigmented and beautiful so you only need a little teeny bit if you want a pretty glow without looking over made up. I also like the Desire and Sin colors! So each of these colors are perfect for Winter, but the orgasm is a good all year round shade!

Aisun N.

it is an amazing blush if you're working on highlighting. if not, alone as a blush it isn't my favourite. the sparkles are way much and end up falling down right under my cheeks.

Saffron K.
Wasn't love at first sight, but...

I just wanted to try this because of the riduculous amount of glitter seen in this blush! Haha! Funny, because I didn't love it at first and was almost contemplating sending it back, but I ended up forgetting about it in the back of my face drawer. Finding it once again and using it with certain looks, I realize how quality this blush is. With all the iridescent sparkles that are in there, there is almost no fall out (using only ontop of primer and foundation) and I like the peachy warm pink with my cool olive skin tone. The colour doesn't fade, even after my crazy 18 hour work days, and oily skin can't put this blush down! I definitely want to get other blushes (because the sparkles are fun, but not everyday for me haha)