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Good value

I have a variety of colors and overall these are great lipsticks for the price. NYX has an excellent color selection and If you want to try a variety of lipstick shades and not spend a lot, these are great. These lipsticks have great pigmentation and the creaminess of them is really surprising for a drug store lipstick. The only thing I don't like is the scent, it's just a "lipstick" scent I wish they were sweet smelling like MAC. For the price you can't beat these lipsticks and I will definitely be purchasing more.


I saw a lot of hype about these makeup removing wipes which is why I decided to try them. I find that they don't remove makeup better than any other makeup wipe. The wipe is too small and it will definitely take you at least 2 to completely remove a full face of makeup. I also don't like that you only get 25 wipes in the pack, I feel like that's a small quantity compared to other brands at a similar price. I don't think I will repurchase these again, simply because I can most likely find something cheaper that works the same or works better at the same price. As a side note, I do prefer the Night Calming version over these.

Great brow kit

This brow kit is great and it's an essential to my makeup routine. It's great for filling in sparse areas and defining your brows. It includes a small angled brush, a small shading brush, mini-sized tweezers, a brow powder, and a colored brow wax. The only thing in this kit that I don't find myself using is the mini tweezers because I prefer using my Tweezerman. I like that the wax is pigmented instead of clear like some others, as it really helps to define your brows. Sometimes I like to just use the wax on it's own, the color of the wax is a tad bit more natural looking than the powder. All in all, I really like this brow kit but I'm not sure if I will re-purchase when I run out simply because there are others I would like to try that are of a more reasonable price.

Old Faithful

I have been using this scrub since I was about 12 so that has to tell you something! This really cleans your face well. Some facial scrubs are not exfoliating enough or do not have enough granules, but this one is perfect. It gets rid of all the dirt and oil on my face and my skin always feels baby smooth afterwards. The 2% salycilic acid in the scrub keeps my skin clear and fights acne causing bacteria. I love the apricot scent. You get a good amount of product in the bottle and mine always lasts me a very long time. This is my go to scrub and the only one I use on my face. You can't beat this scrub for the price and I will continue to purchase again and again.

Not worth the price

I purchased this lip gloss because I saw this shade on other people and really liked it. As far as this particular shade, it's a nice light pink with no shimmer. But I must say, I absolutely hate the formulation of this lip gloss. It's too thin, you have to build it up on your lips and it wears off so quickly. I hate lip glosses that you have to keep applying constantly. Also, the smell is a turn off. It has a chemically smell and it you happen to lick your lips or something it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. It would be nice if these had a sweet scent like MAC, it would make them slightly more appealing. I ended up returning this lip gloss soon after I purchased it, I could not justify keeping it for the price. And because I did like the color so much, I found a dupe for it at Victoria Secret in the shade Innocent. The quality is so much better and it cost less than half the price. I gave this lip gloss two and a half stars simply for the color selection, but I would definitely not purchase again. If NARS carries a particular shade that you like, my advice would be to find a dupe for it as I did.

SO longlasting!

I purchased this lipstick in the shade Ravishing Red after seeing it on Gwen Stefani in the ad. This is a beautiful bright red shade and the lipstick is very pigmented. In terms of the formulation, it was excellent. It was extremely moisturizing and went on very smooth and creamy. The best part about this lipstick is the long lasting aspect. I put it on before going out to dinner and a movie and it was still on when I came home! Normally formulas this long lasting are not very moisturizing and vice versa, but Loreal definitely hit the mark with this one. I will definitely be purchasing more shades.

The name describes itself!

They weren't lying when they called it the Complete Kit. This brush set has everything you need for a full face makeup application. The quality of the brushes are comparable to MAC brushes but for 1/4 the price! The brushes are super soft and well made. I haven't had any problems with shedding, the F50 shed only about 3 or 4 hairs the first time I washed it, but that's normal for this type of brush. I haven't had any brushes bleed dye when I washed them which is surprising. I love the brush roll it's really soft and yet durable, I travel with it all the time. I like that it has three extra slots to add more brushes (which I've already filled up). I would definitely purchase these brushes again and have since purchased more brushes from Sigma.

Well rounded neutral palette

This is a well rounded neutral palette. This is good for people who need a eye shadow colors for everyday or work. This palette has shimmery, satin, and matte shadows which is nice. The pigmentation is pretty good overall, they blend well and are not too chalky or powdery. I like that you can do both natural looks and dramatic looks with the range of light and dark shadows provided. I also have the Original 88, Shimmery and Metal Mania palettes and in one of them two of the shadows came out, but this one has held up well. Overall, this is a really good value considering how many eye shadows you get and how long this palette will last you.

I have this blush in the ever popular shade, Orgasm. It's a peachy pink with gold shimmer. It's a very pretty blush and suites a wide variety of skin tones. The lasting power is pretty good, if you are wearing all day and night you might feel the need to reapply it once. It's good for day or night and goes with any makeup look you might be wearing. The only downfall is that the price point is very high. If you want to try this blush simply for the color and don't care about high end brand names, this shade can be duped fairly easily. Overall, I probably will be purchasing again and also trying a couple of other shades.

I have this blush in the shade Mocha and Pinky. These blushes are highly pigmented so a little goes a long way. The downfall is that the consistency is very powdery. The lasting power is average for the price point, it definitely fades throughout the day. I might purchase again just because the color selection is very good for the price point.

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