Coastal Scents

88 Warm Palette


Felicia S.
Amazing Quality, Good Price

I got this palette for half off so I think it was around $12 when I ordered it. What an amazing bargain!!! Since it was so inexpensive, I had high hopes based on raving reviews... However I tried to not let the hype overwhelm my personal opinion. But alas, I fell in love with one of my first shadow palettes I ever purchased. The quality is truly wonderful to use. Most of the shadows are very rich and pigmented and apply beautifully on my eyelids. I'm medium skintoned (around NC35 or so) but I feel like this palette is versatile and suitable for all skin tones. I found some of the light, matte shades to be a bit chalky and hard to work with, however some other matte shades are very rich in texture. It's nice to find an inexpensive palette that actually has some matte shades to offer. Most "drugstore" or lower end shadows only have shimmer. I love shimmery eyeshadows myself but it's great to have matte ones to work with as well.

Ok ramble over. This palette is awesome. I love neutral colors. That is all.

Emma M.
Great! I highly recommend!

This is a really good palette that you can create tons of looks with! I thought that it was a bit ridiculous at first to have that many colors but really what having the palette does is give you every option almost that you could think of for a neutral eye. There is a good variety of matte, satin and shimmer finnish shadows and all of them are really pigmented and not chalky. I even use one color for my eyebrows in here. I also really like the price, for this many shadows and options, how long it will last you, and the quality it is a huge bargain.

Pakou V.
I thought I needed it...

When I first bought this palette I thought I was going to use it a lot. I think it's still good to have but for me, I didn't reach for it as much. The only time I use it is actually when I'm filling in my eyebrows with one of the eyeshadow color. I took it with me when I went traveling before and I was actually really scared it would break, a few of the eyeshadows came out but its nothing super glue can't fix. I feel like the colors are too similar and since they're mostly matte, the colors don't show as much. But I would still recommend it for girls who like natural makeup or is just starting with makeup. :)

Bria K.
I NEED This Palette!

I had this and I absolutely loved it. I was never a fan of neutrals before, I'm very into crazy colors, but I fell head over heals for this palette. Mine went missing, grrrrr, and I miss it everyday. It's definitely a fantastic palette to get- especially if you like natural looks but still want to be able to play around.

Mari W.
An everyday palette for everyone

This was my first major palette that got me hooked onto makeup. The product is encased with hard plastic that protects product when travelling. The mirror will reveal the whole face, which is also fantastic for travel. Inside, the 88 dime-sized shadows offer a variety of finishes. The warm palette is a bit of a misnomer as there is a fair quantity of cool shades mixed in. Though they are highly pigmented, take care because the colors can muddy if over blended. Regardless of this minor point, the palette will work with the most fair to the deepest of tones. Likewise, people who are cool and warm toned skin will enjoy the palette. The palette will work well for travel, college, office, evening events, and some bridal work.

The frustrating part of the palette is falling in love with particular shades as there is a small amount per each color. Many of these shades are dupable from Coastal Scents as well as other companies. Though this palette can be purchased from several companies, I prefer the Coastal Scents version as they label the palette; something that is wonderful when you have a variety of these.

Payton S.

I got this for Christmas and I love it!! I use it mostly everyday because it is perfect for everyday because of its neutral colors. Its really nice and I would reccomend it

Latoya D.

I love this palette. Perfect for everyday wear. The sades go on smoothly and lasts forever!! The only thing that bugs me is that some of the shades look similar.

Ashley F.

really like this pallete, this was one of the first pallets that i had. alot of great colors to choose from and great for everyday use for work and school. I also use the darker colors to fill in my eyebrows. downside is that the pans are very small (dime sized) and the shadow can be very chalky at times when applying. but other than that i love it, and you cannot beat it for the price, i believe mine were less than 20 bucks. steal :)

Stephanie C.
Great Palette for a Newbie!!

This was the first eyeshadow palette that I purchased earlier this year when I decided to get serious about makeup. I purchased it along with the Metal Mania palette. I find myself reaching for the Warm palette more than anything else in my collection (which has grown tremendously in just 13 months). I would suggest it for anyone that loves makeup, but especially newbies that are just getting started. Love the colors and the pigmentation and the subtle looks that can be done. Then add other palettes with brighter colors when you feel proficient and daring.

Evalynn P.

I was really excited when I first ordered it online because 88 eye shadows for $24.95 +s&h not bad. However, each shadow is the dime! I was hoping they were a little bigger than that. It's not as pigmented as the MAC shadows. I only use this palette for everyday use such as work or when I want to go for a natural look.