Bulk Wipes


Italia D.
Takes it all off, smells divine

These wipes are great because they take all of my makeup off, especially waterproof makeup. the texture isn't the softest so be careful not to rub too hard with these around the eye area. i have never experienced any irritation or breakouts from using these. i would give these 5 stars if they didn't leave behind some residue. it's not super heavy but i can tell. they smell amazing and feel very fresh on the skin. *Store these upside down so that every wipe is nice and moist.

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Krishna B.

I like these because of how well they remove makeup without a lot of effort. I feel like a lot of drugstore makeup wipes, while possibly better for the skin, aren't as wet as the MAC wipes, and therefore harder to remove makeup. However, the MAC wipes are probably so good at removing makeup because they are really oily and should probably only be used if you plan on washing your face with cleanser and water afterwards.

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Sherry B.

I tried some products at MAC and used this to wipe the swatches and my skin burned after a few wipes!! TERRIBLE!! these wipes are way to strongon skin perhaps I should try using them to clean countertops!

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Erica L.

These save my skin at night. I'm notorious for accidentally falling asleep in front of the TV or just crashing in bed with my makeup on. I keep a pack of these on my night stand so when I do forget to wash my face but am too lazy to get up, I grab a wipe to cleanse. I normally recommend washing your face after using a wipe but I'm being realistic- it just doesn't always happen.

Thorunn Sif T.
Removes everything

Great wipes, I have not found another type that works as well, they leave your skin feeling fresh and clean. They also exfoliate your skin a little with the little sugars (the rough textures is because of this) in the wipes (I like to use them to exfoliate my lips for an example). I have never had a breakout problem when using these but I just use them when in a hurry or extremely lazy or when I'm not at home, I've been told they are not meant for everyday use all the time though. You have to remember to close the package well because otherwise they dry out pretty quickly.

Simi M.

I love the MAC wet wipes, One wipe just removes every make trace off my face ! Its like magic :D I use a lot of heavy liners and Kohl, so getting them off without having to rub my eyes or bear burning sensation is a tough job, MAC makes it easy for me ! Love it ! Its pricey,so I usually keep it for days I have some real makeup on !

Ashlee L.
Cleanest smell!

This is an essential in my makeup kit. I love these because they moisturize the skin and the smell is very light and refreshing. They remove everything on the skin even waterproof mascara. I have used these on the most sensitive skin and I have never had a reaction from them on my clients.

Tina Marie C.
Removes Everything!

This is probably my second most favorite makeup wipes ever (Kirkland cleansing wipes from Costco being number 1). It removes everything, I swear by it! Even hard to manage waterproof mascara. Though I hate rubbing my eyes when it comes to removing waterproof mascara, I do find that it removes it a lot quicker than what most wipes can do. It is definitely pricey so I use it sparingly. Every wipe stays moist just as if you opened it for the first time. I never experienced a wipe being dried out except for when I accidentally left the lid open, but that was my fault! Also, I love the smell of it. It smells so fresh and clean and it doesn't leave any greasy film on your face.

Bebe E.

These wipes are one of my favorites. It removes all of my makeup, even the water proof mascaras. But I find that it is a little pricey. I think that if you want to spend the money on this product then go right ahead. But other drugstore brands are just as good.

Ashli-Mei J.

I love these wipes, they are just amazing! It removes my make up really well and leaves my skin feeling fresh, and smooth. They are a little pricey but I think they are definitely worth it. I find them great for traveling with because you can just flatten them down and stick it on the side of your luggage and not worry about it breaking or leaking. I think they smell really good to, I recently switched to a different product and I absolutely hate it. Can't wait to finish that product and switch back to these wipes!