Fabulous Skin-Reviving Rubberizing Mask


Miss A.
I hate to be negative but...

All this did was leave my skin slightly plump. Messy, gooey, nasty. I love peel off masks, but I expect some results other then a spongy slimed face. I prefer Bosicas masks over this.

Emily F.
Great Purchase!

After removing the mask my skin felt so clean and smooth! It felt strange actually taking the mask off, it looks almost as if you are peeling off your own skin (which is was both cool and really strange at the same time). This mask is fantastic. It is definitely worth the money, although I had a lot of extra product and think that next time I will only use half of the packet. I like the rubberizing effect, it’s a quicker clean up than it is with a normal mask, and your face doesn’t feel hard and uncomfortable when the mask is on, which usually happens to me with typical clay masks. I would highly recommend this product to everyone!

Nancy-Lee C.
Easy and effective

I love this mask. everything you need is in the box expect the vessel, I use a small ramekin or tupperware-style container. The treatments are individually packaged, you will open a packette of powdered mask, fill the included measuring cup and add warm water, remove a tongue depressor from it's pack and mix the mask. Once it is smooth, start to apply. Know that it is runny at first, you might want to apply it over the sink or use the mixing container to catch any drips. The trick to this mask is to pack it on! You want to apply the entire mask because it will make the removal process soooo much easier. If you have thin spots, or it gets in your hairline or eyebrows, wait until the mask is dry and then use warm water to dampen a washcloth and gently rub. The mask should come off easily. I will buy this again, for sure! It's a good value for 6 treatments it breaks it down to $6.33 per treatment.

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Bec S.
Photo of product included with review by Bec S.

This mask is really fun! It's gloppy and cooling and feels like something you would get in a spa. It's very different from a clay mask in a neat way. As it dries, it starts to feel rubbery and you can feel your skin being pulled in a gentle way to be more taught. It also has a cooling quality, as if mint were involved (although I don't think there's mint in it, it's just the sensation). My husband touched my face and told me it feels like a daifuku. Ha! Maybe that's why I like it!

**POST MASK UPDATE** Definitely use all the product when putting it on. If its thicker on the face, it will stay flexible and will peel off nicely. If you apply it too thinly, it gets brittle and loses its flexibility. My skin felt soft afterward and I felt like I had been to a spa. Very relaxing!

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