Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask


Lilly F.
Great Product!

I love this product! It cleans your face and makes you feel clean also! The foam really helps with feeling refreshed!! It's a little expensive and really annoying to get out of the bottle but once.

Lucy I.
good for all over

I use this before shaving my legs (in addition to prepping my skin for a shoot). feels great and I have the most sensitive rosacea prone skin. I was surprised Bliss had something that didn't turn my face into a tomato :P

Emily V.
Fun, Energizing Face Mask

This mask is just flat out fun. Beyond being great for your skin, past how amazingly smooth and soft your face feels after you use it and how great it smell... it is seriously a blast to wear. This mask fizzes when it reacts to air while its on your face. It is a sensation unlike any you are likely to experience with any other facial treatment. Its like a bath bomb applied directly to your skin. By the time you rinse it off you are happy, most likely giggling, and glowing like baby. Amazing.

Stephanie L.
Love it!

I splurged a while ago on this mask and I'm glad I did. It's like no other mask out there I've tried. It's a gel at first then get foamy when it comes into contact with the air. The sits on the skin and "fizzles". It feels amazing and really makes the skin look more glowing if your lookin' a little dull.

Abby L.
love it!

i absolutely love this! it has a lovely smell, almost like grapefruit and it leaves your skin feeling fresh, and energized. i use this like three days or so a week. its really nice it foams and almost boils tickling your skin. the only thing is you need to apply it quikly or else it will start to turn from a liquid to a foam lol

Natalie C.
Mid-Week Mask

I use 2 weekly masks before the beginning of the work week, so to maintain the glow, I use this mask during the middle of the week. It helps keep my skin glowing for the rest of the week. I wouldn't say it's as good enough to give a noticeable glow, but it gives a nice boost during the middle of the week when my skin needs a little pick-me-up before the weekend begins.

Nancy-Lee C.
A spa visit in 5 minutes!

This is another amazing bliss product. I use it 3 times a week in the morning and i look so awake, so refreshed. my skin is very clean, clear, bright and youthful. I like hoe fresh i look so much, i only top off with powder, not foundation. I highly recommend it!

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