Silk Shimmer Gloss


Tamara R.
Love the product, but the price is off-putting..

I love the texture of this gloss. It's just so smooth and glossy, and I love the scent.. it's like a vanilla coconut blend. The product is fab.

The price is not so fab though, and while I did pick up my first one - I've hesitated in repurchasing. At it's price point I would expect more product, it's got less than a regular MAC lip glass despite costing more. Lucky for me I've found some trio sets at Winners at a much more reasonable price.

Sadly, there is just one colour available.. but Kitten is a great sheer, shimmery shade - so I guess it's ok.

Nancy-Lee C.
i have never been so disappointed

wow. i ran in bought this tore the package open, put it on and walked straight back inside and returned it. i didn't like the consistency nor the colour and i like all stila lovers, LOVE kitten. oh well.