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Nail Foundation Flawless Basecoat

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Madeleine O.
hate it!!!!
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i must be the only person who hates this base coat! it doesn't just chip the polish but actually makes it peel clean straight of the nail after only a couple hours of wear. it applies really watery, but does dry leaving a nice natural looking nail. that is about the only good thing.

Nancy-Lee C.
So awesome, I wear it alone!

Foundation is a flesh toned basecoat. It applies easily, usually only 3 strokes and dries quickly with a semi-matte finish. This basecoat prevents my lacquers from staining my nails and the polish colours are represented in their truest form. I love the rectangle glass vessel, it is easy to hold and the brush applies the perfect amount of product. I am able to use about 85% of this product before I have to discard the rest. This is my go to, I will replace this once it runs out.

Anaia Papaya J.

This is a polish collection MUST HAVE <3 It actually has a matte texture & look when it dries and is nude so when you polish over it, no mater what polish you're using... It hugs the base coat like nobody's business! It is just FABULOUS! It makes almost any polish stand out and I would buy this AGAIN AND AGAIN! It's worth every penny!

Imani T.

This is THE BEST base coat I've ever used, hands down! It applies so smoothly and evenly, and it really makes your nails last longer and prevents staining. I'm not sure what is in this, but it's making my nails grow too!

Victoria S.
A base coat for the natural nail lover.

What more can be said? butter LONDON's Nail Foundation really does act like base makeup for your fingers. I love it! One coat gives a solid, slight tint of beige, and dries within 30 seconds. The lacquer smooths out ridges and makes a great base for any color to be applied above. That said, I love the semi-matte finish it dries to, and often wear it on its own for a "your-nails-but-better" finish.

Mandy H.

All I have to say about this product is that it is the best base coat that I have ever used! It applies really smoothly and evenly which I like :) This will probably be the only base coat that I use from now on!

Justine G.
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I've been wanting to try this for a while now and I finally bought a little 2 system kit for Butter London. In the set I got the Nail Foundation and the Hardware top coat. I LOVE them both, but the real difference I saw in my nails was from the Nail Foundation. My nails were instantly soft and smooth and hid all the imperfections I have from past acrylic nails and from slacking on my bi-monthly manicures!

The color is pretty by itself when applied but it literally works like a primer but only for your nails.

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Mariela E.

Love this stuff! I like to wear it alone or with the Hardwear base/top coat. It gives my nails a flawless looks and manicured look! I also like that it dries quick. Its a must have.

Saha K.

Amazing stuff! I wear this alone, I love the color. It hides flaws in your nails (I have a dent that will not go away in one of my fingers) and leaves them extremely smooth.

Luna V.
At last, a basecoat that lives up to its claims!

I probably would not have purchased this product on my own, but received it as a particularly thoughtful gift. I have incredibly thin nails and use tons of strengthening products so I often forget to use a base coat when applying polish and generally don't buy them unless they're on sale. No more. I don't think I will ever live without this product again.

What makes butter LONDON's basecoat really stand out is the finish. Instead of drying down to the same shiny, clear finish of every other basecoat I have ever used, it dries to more of a matte satin, allowing the polish to really grip the nail. It's also a sort of sheer beige colour, evening out the tone of the nails so the colour applies evenly across the nail. It's actually quite pretty on its own, and I'll admit I've gone out without putting a lacquer on top.

It is a bit pricey at $18 for .6 fl oz, but it's worth every penny.

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