Nicole R.
Go to summer mascara!

One thing I hate about waterproof mascara is that it can get flaky and I end up pulling my lashes out when I am trying to get it off at night. Blinc never flakes, smudges or runs. When You want to take it off, the hot water of the shower and a little light pressure makes it slide right off!

No, it doesn't make my lashes super long, or give super volume like some other mascaras, but if you go swimming a lot in the summer and want a mascara that stays on when you want it and slides off easily when you don't, this is a pretty awesome product.

Nancy-Lee C.
I love this formula!

This mascara is pretty awesome. It is wet in it's application but once it is on, it does not budge until you take it off with warm water. I wet my fingers and apply them to my lashes as if I am pinching them, for a few seconds and very gently pull and these stringly tubes of latex-looking mascara comes off on my fingers. There is no pulling, the removal process is very simple. Plus, this mascara does not flake off or leave any smudgy reside around your eyes. If I weren't a blogger, testing mascara often, this would be one of my go to's.