Beauty Product Reviews

Doesn't get better than this!

I used to mess with highlighters, luminizers, foundations and powders daily, but once I found NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer, everything else is just gathering dust! The coverage this TM provides is enough to give me the perfect complexion, which puts this in competition with the HD foundations I have in my kit. I apply with a flat top synthetic foundation brush and instantly, my skin is healthy and glowing. It's worth the $42; I've had a tube for 6 months and even with daily use, I'm not even close to running out. It shows up well in photos and I've even slept in it a few times to no adverse reactions! Do you know what this means?! It means that I've found my foundation soulmate!

Beauty lifesaver.

I'm on my 5th bottle of Dove Dry Shampoo and I love it! It smells great, doesn't grease up during wear, and does exactly what a dry shampoo should. I have a lot of hair, and some days I just can't bother to wash, blow-dry and curl it all. Dove Dry Shampoo has been a beauty lifesaver. Also, I can't even begin to tell you how many compliments I've gotten on the scent— I end up getting nuzzled because it smells so good!

To apply, I section off my hair, spray the roots in small bursts, massage it into my scalp for a minute, and then brush it out. It really helps add volume to my hair, too.

I've tried Psst (smells like the elderly), SG Salon Grafix & Suave (ran out quickly, scents are too strong), Marc Anthony 2 Day (works but is $10-12, as compared to Dove being $5), Tresemmé (the worst!), and Oscar Blandi ($$$). I'm not kidding, this is the best one.

One bottle lasts me at least a month and a half with regular use, which is about two to three times a week. I haven't yet gotten a defective bottle but I will say that the packaging has changed since the first time I purchased this in April 2012.

I can't speak for everyone else, but I love my bottle of Dove and I hope they won't discontinue it!

Suave. So effective, yet so affordable.

have used Psssst!, Tresemmé, and Oscar Blandi, and this one is the best. Psssst! works well but has a cloying scent, Tresemmé did not work as well, and Oscar Blandi was much too expensive to use regularly.

I have 2 bottles of this, just to make sure I have some when I need some. It doesn't feel gunky or too heavy and it dries nicely on my jet black hair. Bottomline is, this stuff works and is worth the $3 to $4.

The only thing is, Suave Dry Shampoo has this citrusy smell that is actually a bit too powerful, but honestly I don't mind because the product works so well. And, since we're talking about smells and dry shampoo, this one smells way less 'old-smelly-lady' than Psssst! brand.


My face does not go anywhere without Mineralize Skinfinish! It evens out skin tone, makes my skin look flawless, and instead of shine, I get a nice, dewy glow. I use it every day, most often as a finishing step to blend my foundation and blush. It doesn't provide very much coverage at all, but the fact that it somehow makes all my makeup work together makes it indispensable. On great skin days, I'm content with just this and some concealer. I really love Mineralize Skinfinish!

Just wash your hair.

I have tried so many dry shampoos, and this is by far the worst. It smells marginally better than most dry shampoos, but it does not do its job! The point of a dry shampoo is to get rid of oil, odor, add lift, volume-- basically, hair needs to look clean after use. This makes my hair greasy and matted. No thanks, I'd rather wash my hair.

Cute but not consistent!

I actually really love my EOS spheres. They're just so cute and the packaging is so soft, I mean, who couldn't resist? I like some of the scents and mostly they keep my lips smooth, but the one with SPF is a total miss! For some reason, the one with SPF makes my lips extra dry and chapped instead of moisturized and plump.

Not good for sensitive skin!

I love myself a good make-up wipe. I keep some in my car so I can wipe my face off immediately after a night out, or just to feel fresh and make sure my skin stays clean. Having oily but sensitive skin, I thought these would be good for me. I felt some tingling and burning when I used the wipes, which isn't good! I used it to take off my eye-makeup, and the next day, I had burns around my eyes! Turns out, the second ingredient in these is alcohol! Ouch. I personally wouldn't repurchase these or pre-moistened wipes in general. If you do decide to buy them, I'd suggest rinsing with water afterwards.

It really IS a true match!

I can't even begin to tell you how many foundation mistakes I've made. Having such a dark skin tone with Asian skin means that most makeup manufacturers do not carry colors that perfectly match mine. I have a yellow undertone, some redness to cover up, and overall, very tan skin. I made the switch to L'Oreal True Match from MAC Studio Finish, and I do enjoy it. The formula is a little runny, but the coverage is heavy and can easily be blended out with a sponge or even just your fingertips. I make sure to wear a good moisturizer underneath to prime the skin, and then I set it with powder and a mist of toner.

Lots of color!

Let's get this straight, I have always been a MAC girl. For years I have used exclusively MAC, but recently, MAC was just killing my budget (don't you hate those things) and honestly, I was a little tired of the same thing every day. I own and develop my own skin care line, and as I learned more about skincare and cosmetics, I realized that there really isn't a huge difference between MAC and the typical drugstore brand. That is, if you know what you're looking for.

When I saw Milani's baked blushes, I knew these would be great. They deposit more color than MAC Mineralize Blushes, come in more colors, and you can definitely choose between shimmery and matte. They also blend well into the skin. I own Luminoso, which is a peachier version of MAC Mineralize Blush in Dainty, and it actually shows up better in photos and doesn't fade. I also have Rosa D'Oro, which is more like Stereo Rose from MAC Mineralize, and that's perfect for a more mature, polished look. You just have to apply with a light hand and blend out. I absolutely love my little Milani collection!

Great for most skin tones, but sometimes too shimmery.

I love NARS mostly because they have a wide variety of colors, which is often what I need with my medium-dark skin. I went out and bought the cult favorite, NARS Orgasm, and it works just fine. On my skin tone, it doesn't deposit very much color, and I often have to pile it on just to get that nice peachy tone, which, in turn, leaves my face quite shimmery and glittery. I think it's beautiful on my lighter skinned clients, but on myself, it just doesn't quite show.