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creamy, springy & cute.

i was hoping this would be more of a bold lavender shade, but i ended up with a more subdued colour...that's okay, because i do like this lipstick. it's very creamy, buttery and smooth...the colour is adorable and opaque (yet sheer at the same time?! haha)'s perfect for spring & summer...and made me feel retro. also, it makes my lips feel moisturized and of the better drugstore lipsticks i've bought.

not bad!

i tried this product after i saw it at target and noticing that it's made by burt's bees...i think it has a nice scent, it lathers well and works fairly nicely. i like how this product looks and acts like a "normal" product, but has natural ingredients without any parabans or petrachemicals...which are traits that i look for more and more in products nowadays. i think they should make more scents...this is the only one i was really interested in.

this is a great shaving cream, because it leaves your legs feeling smooth and's very moisturizing. my only issues: the bottle doesn't last use it a few times and it seems like it's gone...also, it's not as lathered/foamy as regular shaving cream (which is something that i like, so i can distinctly see where i have shaved, where i haven't)...but that's not a big deal to me, since it works so well and has great vitamins and antioxidants!


i originally was attracted to this product because of it's cute and unique packaging design...then i thought it was cool because of the fact that it's 100% natural and 95% organic. when i tried it, i was sold....especially the "summer fruits". it smells so delicious, doesn't have any disgusting chemicals in it...and it moisturizes my lips and makes them feel awesome. i also have the lemon & that one feels like there is sugar on your lips! love it. i want to try all of the different flavours...this is a must have balm!

i love this smells delicious and sexy. i spray it all over myself and recently got a lotion with the same scent. this is definitely one of my favourite fragrances from victoria's secret.

amazing lip gloss!

i love the way this gloss looks, feels and's very shiny and it's very smooth and emollient. it makes my lips look healthy and full, while smelling like fruit! it also lasts awhile and even products your lips from the harmful UV rays. my tube has lasted forever! when it runs out, i am buying this again...i can't go without it.

these wipes worked really well to remove makeup and cleanse the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed. i also liked how sturdy the wipe was, and the texture of it as well...the smell was strong, but i appreciate how it's made to get rid of impurities and toxins in a natural way. i think this is a very good product for the price & i would purchase again.

gorgeous, glossy, bright pink lips!

packs on a vibrant, wet lip look...i think this lip gloss is very fun, and i use it whenever i need a punch of colour, with high shine! very dramatic look.

good for a really inexpensive blush stick...

i was out of my tarte cheek stain, so i decided to pick this up to use as blush...although it doesn't go on as smoothly as i'd like (needs to be more creamy), and i have to rub it to make it blend well, it leaves a nice colour that lasts a good amount of time. it also is slightly shimmery...and it only cost $1.

works as a chemical exfoliant...

i like to use this product about once a week to smooth out my skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines and blemish works alright, but it's not a miracle worker or anything. my skin does feel a lot softer right after using it...

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