Pomegranate Cleansing & Makeup Removing Wipes


Nadia W.
Fresh Scent

I was shopping is Sephora a few weeks ago and asked a sales representative for a cleansing wipe because I had created a fantastic palette of lipstick colors all over my hand. She gave me a wipe that removed the lipstick and smelled absolutely amazing! I had to go back to her and ask about the brand-- it was Korres Pomegranate Cleansing Wipe. Love the fresh sent of pomegranates. It removes makeup and waterproof mascara without drying your skin. You'll love it.

Shauntae B.
Love this product

Love this product. feels great on my skin and leaves it looking fresh and clean. I am a fan of Korres products. This is a must try. It has enough moisture to clean your face while taking off your makeup.

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Diane W.
Perfect for travel or late nights

These have been the rescue for my sensitive skin when traveling! I have tried other wipes but they have left my skin dry and irritated.

Travel = being off schedule, new climates, late nights (and for me, late night coding hackathons). When this happens, my careful skincare routine goes out the window! And boy does my skin suffer. Minor breakouts have been the least of my on-the-road problems. Late at night, Redbull and computer in hand, I can quickly get my make-up off, throw on a bit of moisturizer, and keep coding.

No eye irritation. No around the nose irritation. Just a clean & fresh looking face the next day, even if I am feeling less than awake. ;) I just pack a few in my luggage in a ziplock, and I am good to go. For someone with skin as sensitive as mine, these are a wonderful quick option when you need something on the go!

Kelly O.

These wipes smell delicious and do a great job at removing face and eye makeup. I often split one in half to use on my entire face so I don't waste them. Will definitely repurchase!

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jazzica Q.

these wipes worked really well to remove makeup and cleanse the skin, leaving it feeling refreshed. i also liked how sturdy the wipe was, and the texture of it as well...the smell was strong, but i appreciate how it's made to get rid of impurities and toxins in a natural way. i think this is a very good product for the price & i would purchase again.

Shannon M.

I purchased these at Sephora because they smelled phenomenal. I looked past the what, $12 price tag for the limited amount of wipes you get. I brought them home and used them a few times and found I really dislike this product. It's far too abrasive and harsh on my skin, to the point of it actually made my face burn. Burn to the point I have to go and wash my face with water and a cleanser. The smell even though it's nice with one whiff, can become very overwhelming in a short time when you have it on your face.

Kiana L.
Good but not worth the price

I really liked these when I first tried one because they smell lovely and are non-drying, but to be honest, you can buy a drugstore brand that works just as well for much cheaper (calculate by the amount of wipes). The major con for me was that the pack dried out quickly so the wipes became ineffective at removing makeup. So while I do think it was nice I wouldn't purchase it again.

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