Beauty Product Reviews

Great Foundation!

I went into MAC to get a new Studio Fix foundation and the MUA recommended this foundation. She told me that it lasts better and you can even cry without getting streaks down your face. Ha! She was right. First time I cried my makeup actually stayed put! At this moment, i knew this was the foundation for me! : ) The foundation does go on a little sheer (i guess a medium coverage) but if i need to hide a little more I just build the coverage.


This liquid eyeliner is THE BEST! I had been using MAC liquid eyeliner for years and it always flaked off and smudged by the end of the day. I assumed this was normal for liquid. Then one day I decided to try this because it was half the price and was amazed by the quality. Lasts all day and if it does smudge a little you cant even tell.


i LOVE this eyebrow pencil! Works great and lasts all day. If you apply too much all you have to do is grab a tissue and rub it off. The only downfall is I gave this pencil for my mom to try and with the texture of her skin the pencil looked too cakey even after blending. So I guess it works different on everyone.


I LOVE this perfume. I have received so many compliments on it. It is a very subtle fragrance that is not overpowering in the least. Smells better than any VS fragrance and it doesn't have that nasty smell at the end of the day like most perfumes do.

Good coverage

I like this concealer, however it did not do anything for under my eyes. Its basically a foundation in a different texture. Great for extra coverage on my freckles and blemishes and it doesn't get cakey at all!


I really loved this liquid eyeliner for years until I decided to try a drugstore brand and was amazed how much better the cheaper one lasted. The MAC liquid eyeliner flakes and smudges on me. I need to redo my makeup at least once a day. Kind of disappointing expecting MAC to be the superior product.

I LOVE these lashes!

I have been wearing the #105 lashes from Ardell for some time now and then I found these. I apply them over my black liquid eyeliner and put a little mascara on them and they look amazing! Very natural but a very dramatic look still! I LOVE THESE!!!

I love Essie!

Essie is such a great high quality nail polish! It goes on smooth, dries fairly quickly and has a wide variety of colors. Used with the Good to Go top coat and a manicure can last easily a week. I do really love how Essie is stepping outside of the normal color spectrum and adding new bold colors as well.


This product did freshen up my bangs for maybe an hour or two, but the overwhelming air freshener smell was just nasty! I honestly felt like it was a waste of money. Tresemme could have done way better with this one. Baby powder works the best still!


I love this product! Makes dyed hair feel healthy and clean. Most conditioning treatments weigh down my hair or make them feel greasy, but this product does the opposite! Great smell too!