Beauty Product Reviews

Very nice set

This was my first occ lip tar purchase and I'm very pleased. The tubes are small but you literally only need a drop to get the job done. It's pretty drying, but these are matte colors and when it comes to matte I would rather it be drying and give a true matte effect, if that makes sense? Anyway, the colors are fun and the staying power lasts a few hours. Not through eating, but still pretty good.

Best mascara I've ever used

I'm not big into mascara to begin with, but the too faced amazing eyes set was on sale for $10 at Sephora, so I wasn't passing that up. Id heard how great the stuff was and let me tell you, even though I caught a sale, it IS worth every bit of $23. Great product.

No Complaints

It gives a good finish. Depending o how oily your skin is, you will have to reapply after a few hours, but I still use it and I like it.

Nice, But...

I like the color pay off, but the consistency is just really thick and hard to manage. I just got it today, so I'm going to give it another day and if I'm not feeling it, I'm taking it back. Really, I wanted a blue pencil for my water/lower lash line, but I got this because it was the color I wanted. So I'm probably going to return it, but it is a good blue liquid liner.

Love This Brush!

I'm big on being eco-friendly, so naturally I'm a fan of EcoTools. This brush gets the job done, no questions asked. Great for the lid as well as the lower lash line. Picks up product well, it's easy to clean, and assures a flawless application. I got this brush for $3.99! For the quality & the sustainability factor, it's unbeatable. I will try using it on my brows seeing as so many other girls find it good for that as well. I can't wait to purchase more EcoTools brushes!

Love it.

I recently got this in 'Rehab'. It's a shimmery, bronze color. Really gorgeous. Long lasting, creamy and pigmented! It was everything I expected :) Can't wait to get a few more!

Black Shadow is to Die For

The pink is not that pigmented, imo. Which doesn't make a difference to me because I basically bought it for the black. The black is amazing. I wanted a matte black with no shimmer or glitter and that's what I got. I was excited to get this and I am very happy with results with the black shadow!


I got this when I bought Ruby Woo because I wanted to have something to darken up the bright red (works great for that, btw) and I use this not only as a liner, but even as a all over lip color. I love it.


I got this brush because it was only $3 and I'd heard Sam of BeautyCrush (on YT) talking about it. I use it for the same purposes, liquid foundation. Bottom line, it's a good brush. Easy to wash, no shedding, works great.

Great eyeshadow Brush

For a dollar, this brush is really great. I've had mine a few months now, no problems. It picks up product really well, applies well, it's just an overall good brush. And like I said, you can't beat the price.

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