Bamboo Angled Eyeliner Brush

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Haley F.

I use this angled eyeliner brush to fill in my brows. This brush is the perfect shape and size for my brows! Makes for an easy, quick fill in!

Julianne J.
A staple in anyone's brush collection!

This is one of my favorite brushes from the set it came in. The brush head fits the curve of the eye perfectly. It makes lining eyes with dampened eye shadow or dry shadow super easy and fun. You get the perfect amount of product on the brush when using it- you don't pick up too much or too little- there's a lot of control there. I love how precise and mess free this brush is. I love using it with shadows and will use it for my gel/creme liners too, now that I have a few newer favorite gel/creme liners that are more workable and reliable than ones I've owned before. The brush is super soft, but still firm. Use some caution with this brush though- it does bend a little bit if not properly stored- mine is OK, but I realized the bristles are soft enough to be bent, accidentally. Love EcoTools, their brand, the whole shebang. Highly recommend this brush- its one of the best angled eyeliner brushes out there, with various uses, and a better value!

Ayanna P.
Love This Brush!

I'm big on being eco-friendly, so naturally I'm a fan of EcoTools. This brush gets the job done, no questions asked. Great for the lid as well as the lower lash line. Picks up product well, it's easy to clean, and assures a flawless application. I got this brush for $3.99! For the quality & the sustainability factor, it's unbeatable. I will try using it on my brows seeing as so many other girls find it good for that as well. I can't wait to purchase more EcoTools brushes!

Kalyn A.
My favorite eyeliner brush!

This brush is really great for eyeliner. It has really short, stiff bristles so you can make a fairly defined line. It's not super thin, though, so if you're looking for a really thin line this might not be for you. If you're more skilled with liner than I am, though (which you probably are), you may be able to achieve it with this brush.

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Asia T.

eco tools was the second set of brushes that i bought when i started wearing makeup. i abosolutely love these brushes. the angled eyeliner brush is wonderful. it gives you a full coverage over your eyelid or if you angle the brush itself, you can get into smaller areas. i've had these brushes for about 2-3 years, and i have not had any shedding or anything! this is a recommended product.

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Pretty Mooi Blog A.
Stunning as a liner

I LOVE this brush. It makes it so easy to apply a line of shadow (or cream liner) to the upper and lower lash line. Application is neat and easy - and I bought this brush for under R30 (which is basically free, I paid over R200 for my MAC 217). Love love love Ecotools!

Soma S.
I much prefer this to line my brows w/ than my MAC 266... =X

I use this instead of my 266 or 263 to fill in my brows - the value for your dollar really exceeds itself and if I ever misplaced this, I'd have to immediately run out and purchase another one, like how I get desperate when I run out of chapstick...

The brush hairs are made of a synthetic material that is densely packed and stiff. Most synthetic brushes have two problems: either they're too stiff to be worked on the skin, or they are too floppy. This brush is the perfect in-between, and it's easily accessible most places that carry Ecotools! Another one of my drugstore finds that sit prominently on my vanity along w/ my Hakuhodo and MAC brushes. =)

callitbeauty D.
My Favourite Ecotools Brush

Don't get me wrong, all of their brushes are pretty phenomenal; but this one, I adore because it's so versatile. Like others have mentioned, it's fantastic for brows. It's dense and firm enough that you can apply with a strong hand, but the bristles are so soft that it doesn't cause any discomfort at all. Amongst my 3 eyeliner brushes, this one definitely deserves to be on top. It's so easy applying a strong, precise line and it's also easy to feather the product out to create a smokier effect.

Fantastic quality, eco friendly, and inexpensive? You DEFINITELY need this brush in your life!

Diana S.
I Agree, best for eyebrows!

I found an Eco-tools brush set at Walgreens a few years back and I am all about products that are made from recycled materials. I love the angled brush, I have two. One, I use for my eyebrows and the other I use with my gel liner. I have tried different angled brushes and have quite a few and this is by far my favorite!! It is eco friendly and not expensive at all!

Susan D.
GREAT for eyebrows!!

I use Bobbi Brown's brow kit with this brush hmm.. EVERYDAY! The size of the bristles are perfect for my brows. Best part is, the brush is available at almost every drug store and it is eco-friendly!