Beauty Product Reviews

FLAWLESS SKIN one extra step before your beauty routine.

For a very long time I had this primer in my kit... among many other items it was lost in the wreck I call my makeup bag until one day I finally decided to try it. MAC Skin Visage Prep + Prime is a magic potion for flawless skin in a sleek little black bottle. It goes on super soft and makes for a perfect base to apply foundation minimizing the effects of large pores. It is feather light and a little goes along way to cover a whole face. Without this product makeup would be pointless JUST POINTLESS!!! I have Photoshop skin without the Photoshop. I couldn't ask for anything more. xoxoxoxo

Universal Eyeliner

If your looking for an eyeliner that has multiple uses Laura Mercier's Caviar Eyeliner is AMAZING !!!!! The colour payoff for the shade Sapphire is a rich an intense blue. Using only a little goes a very long way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My new favorite!!!!!!!!!!

This lipstick is so rich and intense! The color is bold and fun and I would recommend this to anyone looking to GO WILD with color and be creative xoxoxo

I saw this gel liner in the drugstores and wanted to give it a try, only to find out that all that was left was Charcoal...I wanted a much darker color so, I waited for Blackest Black which never seem to be in stock !!!! Finally, I gave up and continued with my liquid liner and one day when I wasn’t looking to buy any makeup (which was rare) it was on the shelves!!! I greedily grabbed two yelling “MY PRECIOUS” and ran home to try it immediately- needless to say I have bought two more since then. It’s so much easier to use on my clients. This gel liner gives you the look of your darkest liquid eyeliner and glides on so much easier, blends well and it does last 24 hours. I do love this product and can‘t see how I managed to work without it.

Great for beginners and pros alike !!!!

I was not the best at liquid liners!!! This product has a felt tip shaped like a marker so, its so much easier to use.The result? A purrfect cat eye everytime!!! xoxoxo

Gotta Have It !!!!!

This product is a must have in your kit!!!! "Black bean" is ideal for making your darkest looks even DARKER! I also have NYX Jumbo pencil in "Milk", this pencil allows you the opportunity to use shadows and see they're true colors when used as a base... a total must have :)

What a total Snob!

I love MAC lipsticks, I'm seeing the shade SNOB pop up everywhere, so I had to see what all the hub bub was all about. I LOVE IT!!!!!!! Perfect shade I belive, for every skin color :D Pop some lip gloss over that bad boy and you got yourself a date!!!! Lovin it xoxox

I love this product!

Its all I ever use on my waterline and it stays on all day. It glides on easy and is the most intense black eyeliner that I have tried !!!!!!