Beauty Product Reviews

a little goes a long way

i just got this product today and I already love it! people tend to say lush products are to scent-y but I love their scents! They're so fresh and earthy! This product is great and I can already feel my face smoother and cleaner after one use! A little of this product goes a long way which is great economically since you don't have to buy a heck of a lot of it. I recommend this product if you want a gentle exfoliator and have trouble patches typically in the t-zone or around nose area. give it a try! :)

omg love this

It darkens my eyebrows with just the right amount of color! it's not too heavy and when blended with the brush it looks good. Ask an ulta makeup worker to match it for you and keep your receipt if it doesn't match! It's amazing and doesn't look gross or corny. Definite buy! :)

Mac Lip Glass in C-Thru

I absolutely love this lip glass, I just bought it the other day to layer over their lipstick high tea. It was just the right combination for the nude I was looking for. It;s the best and not sticky at all. I think anyone should buy this color to layer over anything. It's amazing.

Good color; hard to get off

I wanted a fun eyeliner color so I went with the electric blue. It's so cute and I've gotten so many compliments on it. The only problem I have with it, is that it's really hard to get off. I use neutrogena make up remover pads and they usually eat through anything, it took my a couple wipes to get this off, and by that point my eyes stung. So yes for the color, it lasts all day and never comes off; but no to it's really difficult to get off !

sets makeup nicely

It is kind of annoying after putting on your makeup to swipe another thing on; considering you might be afraid to mess up what you've already put on but it doesn't trust me. This is another great product which is completely unnoticeable and works like a charm. It keeps makeup on all day with a fresh finish. Just don't use on eyeshadow; use only on face makeup (i.e. foundation, blush, bronzer, etc.) if you do use it on eyeshadow, it will fade the eyeshadow.

Good foundation if you're not putting on much makeup

I've always used MAC photo finish foundation until I stopped by a bare essentials store and tried this out. It works pretty will be doesn't cover as much as I'd like. I blends well with no creases or wrinkles, but doesn't cover up a lot of blemishes. I think this is a good on the go foundation for if you need a quick touch up: just swipe your kabuki brush in and powder all over your face, but if you want acne coverage, I wouldn't recommend it.

one of my most favorite scents!

not only are the bottle adorable, but this scent is so gorgeous! it smells flowery but not too flowery. I didn't give it a full five stars because one squirt is just enough since it is a little strong. It could give you a headache.

gorgeous color on anyone; and smells great!

this color is so pretty and isn't too heavy in just one swipe. it smells awesome! not only is the case cute, but the color is gorgeous on everyone and has a slight shimmer. this is a def buy


I absolutely love this foundation and I'm on my third bottle! This is what makes my face so flawless, without being streaky or cakey. It looks like I'm not even wearing any foundation. This is a must Foundation. SERIOUSLY BUY IT! :)

Love this color!

This color is so pretty; i also own the lip gloss that goes on top of it. It's so cute when I'm feeling extra girly. I would definitely consider getting this for your lipstick collection :)

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