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All Time!

i cannot live without this product now, since i discovered it i dont even know how i lived without it before and why it hadnt been invented since recently, i love it so much it gets every single baby lash and seperate all my lashes i didnt even realise i had that many bottom lashes until i used this, the formular is great doesnt flake and smudge, lasts all day! love it! :)

I like it!

i loved mine when i first got it, i bought it in august last year and since them the product has seperated and i really dislike the smell, but its fantastic for what its supposed to do, makes my shadows last all day and gives them more vibrancy. the packaging is really convienient. :)

Perfect base.

These are all great bases, they have a great variety of colours for any eyeshadow look you want to do, the popular one is 'milk' its the perfect white base, for all over the lid, brow bone or inner corner its great, cottage cheese is really nice too. i love theese and i own all of them.


this is the only urban decay product i own, and i love it, its perfect to take away without having to take a million products, i think the shadows are great quality, i do really like brush as well. i use it everyday! :) [[ here is a look i did using it! ]]

i love using this brush to apply my liquid foundation, works great, i use it too apply my face powder too, its very versatile, and you really cant beat the price :)


im not a huge fan of this product, the darker colours look great, they stay on for hours and hours, but i found the light colour really made my lips look dry, it felt dry, it didnt last very long. but i would say its great for darker colours but i would pass on the light shades. and defiantely use a good lip conditioner before and after. and the price sucks in aus i would say its was like $20-$30 each!!


i love these blushes, they are super pigmented, they look beautiful on my skin, leav your face looking glowy and they look natural, i wouldnt recommend using with oily skin, they might be a bit shiny and not sit quite well on the skin, but overall i love them for my skin type! and the price is great!!!


i only have one pigment at the moment and i truly do love it, its super pigmented it stays on and bright for ages, they are so versitile you can use them on ur lips, eyes, cheeks, highlighter etc, they are a great product, the price is a tiny but more than i would like to pay for the amount of product you get, but i will keep buying them :)


very afordable, they arent incredible but they get the job done, i love to use them as a base for loose glitters and they work well for that, on their own they a good, they last a good amount of time.

its okay. that pretty much all i can say its definately not a favourite but it does an ok job, its really cheap and its worth is for the price, its doesnt make a huge impact on my face but it is buildable.

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