Studio Bronzers


irmita G.
love it..

OMG... i really really love this bronzer... it is one of my favs if i compare with other brands this is one bronzer kill the others... i love it, its supper cheap, contours well and define my face great without leaving it over contoured...

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Dawn M.

I like to use this bronzer to contour on days that I just want something a little more natural. Some days I can even just use the lightest shade square to use it as a highlight. It's really amazing for 3 bucks, if you're on a budget, this is the bronzer for you!

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Mary  L.

this bronzer last me so long I love it! I'm not sure about you guys but I love to shine I like to have a disco ball shine on my cheeks lol. I really recommend this product 😊

Nykki B.
I absolutely LOVE this bronzer!

I have been looking for a bronzer for awhile now, so when I was choosing my items on eyeslipsface.com I decided to go ahead and grab one of these. I am so happy that I did! I really love this stuff! I love that it gives my face this really nice color! it isn't too much, it adds just the right amount! It is very soft and overall just amazing! Oh, and only 3 bucks! :)

Elize M.
Love it

It leave's a beautiful, not too shimmery glow to your face. I absolutely love it! You can mix all of them to get a beautiful shade or just use them each alone.

Grace N.
good for a nice shimmer..

i was expecting it to be a lot darker than it actually is! it doesn't do much for me in terms of bronzing, and i'm not even that dark-skinned, but it definitely gives a nice shimmer. for the price, it is worth it, i just wouldn't call it a "bronzer"...more like, shimmer color. :)

Rachelle R.

We should always approach e.l.f products with grace. So, it's called a bronzer but works best as a highlight--in my book..that's still a winner for $3. I think this looks really pretty over a nice blush as a highlight. It's one of those "it is what it is" kinda things. ha. Overall, I think it's pretty and accomplishes a really nice glow in pictures and wakens the face up for everyday wear.

Cassie J.

its okay. that pretty much all i can say its definately not a favourite but it does an ok job, its really cheap and its worth is for the price, its doesnt make a huge impact on my face but it is buildable.