Rimmel London

Fix & Perfect Pro Primer


Tsai-ann H.
If I can give this less than one star...I will

This has to be the worst primer I have ever tried. I have oily skin and this primer is just.....terrible. It made me EXTREMELY greasy and shiny only after 30 minutes of wear with and without foundation.

Breeze T.
A good primer

This is a good, foolproof and affordable primer that I like to keep with me. I love that it doesn't feel to slippery but it still gives me that smooth canvas to work on :)

Ariana G.
Perfect Skin!!!

It applies easily without giving a sticky or greasy feel. The effects of it are amazing! Makes skin look younger, smoother, brighter, and absorbs oils. Makes foundation look less cakey and keeps it from fading for a good 6 hours. I actually love the way it nakes my skin look so much that I will apply this only with no foundation or anything (I don't normally wear foundation anyways). ONE DRAWBACK: If you are prone to acne then this might not be good for you due to some of the ingredients. I personally have no problems but I could see this being a problem for others. GOOD FOR DRY AND NORMAL SKIN TYPES.

Alejandra L.

its a great product an all but do not recomend it for oily skin it will clog pores it will make super oily around your t zone but over all its a good primer for dry skin type.

Betsy N.
Just got this.

So I have had this for 3 weeks. It feels like a moisturizer really. All I can say is that it does control oils. Does it do anything else? No not really its just a one trick pony really. So if you just want it to control oil then this is for you.

Hannah T.
Great primer, great price!

I bought this primer in a pinch, after running out of the more expensive primer I had been using. I was only planning on using it until I could purchase more of the primer I usually used, but after one use I fell in love! This primer has a great consistency, and it keeps my makeup on for hours. I can leave in the morning and come back 16 hours later and my makeup is still pretty much in place. This is a great product for a great price!

Sarah T.
Not so good :(

I tried this one out as i saw so many good reviews about it, i cant say i agree with everyone though as my skin really didn't ! this clogged up my pores and gave me ALOT of black heads and white heads quickly and i didn't feel like it really did much to make my makeup last longer, it did however make application much smoother, but on that alone i really dont think its worth it.

Evvie P.
Was Expecting Better Results

Thin consistency. I didn't find this on its own resurfaced and brightened my face. It only slightly protected my skin as well. I instead used it after first applying Simple's Hydrating Light Moisturiser and leaving it to set for a few minutes, as it proves a more effective result. However, when used on its own, it did smooth and mattify my skin which produced a nice base for my makeup to be applied on to. Also, it made my foundation last for up to 4-5 hours with no moisturiser and 5-6 with the moisturiser.

Fhernanda W.

i used the balm primer and when i tried the rimmel one i just fell in love its better & les expensive it my foundation last so long! i highly recommended ;)