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Wayne Goss The Brow Set product smear.

Wayne Goss

The Brow Set


About The Brow Set

Sculpt, fill, and style your best brows yet with this set of three luxury, Japanese-made brushes. Designed by makeup artist Wayne Goss, these must-have tools feature silky natural fibers to enhance the performance of your favorite brow products.

Why It's Special
  • Fill and define brows with Brush 21, a flat, fine-tipped brush that effortlessly mimics the appearance of natural brow hairs
  • Groom and sculpt brows and lashes alike with Brush 22, a multitasking, double-ended tool
  • An upscale take on the classic spoolie, Brush 23 is a must-have for shaping and styling brows, applying brow gel, and defining lashes
  • Each brush is carefully handmade in Kumano, Japan by more than 20 artisans using traditional brush making techniques
How to Use

Wash your brushes occasionally with a gentle brush soap and let them dry hanging upside down. Some shedding is normal during the first few uses.

Other Details
  • Cruelty-free

About the Brushes

Brush 21 – The Hero:

Brush 21 – The Hero: A short, flat brush for applying all types of brow products—wax, powder, pencil, pomade, or gel—with precision and ease. Create natural, hair-like strokes with the fine tip to blend color seamlessly into brows.

Wayne’s Tip: This brush can also be used to tap highlighter directly onto the brow bone for added definition.

Brush 22 - The Multitasker

Brush 22 - The Multitasker: This multitasking tool includes natural bristles to groom, shape, and define brow hairs for an endless array of unique styles. The fine-toothed comb separates lashes and de-clumps mascara.

Wayne’s Tip: Apply mascara directly to the comb before working through lashes for a feathery, fanned-out effect.

Brush 23 – The Pre-Show:

Brush 23 – The Pre-Show: An upscale take on the classic spoolie, the soft, dense bristles on this cone-shaped brush are designed to distribute products smoothly into the brow. It’s also perfect for applying mascara.

Wayne’s Tip: Brush brow hairs upward with the spoolie to reveal sparse patches before filling in with product.

Meet The Brow Set

The ultimate brow set for sculpting, filling, and styling your best brows yet.

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