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Great Colors, Expensive, and Sometimes a Good Buy.

I have many of these polishes, so here is a review on them one by one:

Nicki Minaj Collection (shatter polish in other review) Metallic for Life: a black polish with silver glitter. really cool, but its hard to get this color onto your nails without putting too much on which then it will never dry.

Fly: a dark turquoise. very pretty, but in my opinion I have no idea when to use it and with what. If you've read my other reviews, i don't like to place just one color on all my nails, i like to do crazy designs and everything. i think this color would be great mixed in with pinks.

Did it on Em: such a funny name for the color. great lime-ish color when placed on the nails with black and gold accents. just the name makes the color uglier then it is.

Pink Friday: this is my favorite color out of the Nicki Minaj Collection. its a baby doll pink and very opaque. it takes about 2 coats to get the color on.

Save Me: a really cool glitter polish with straight blue and silver glitters along with a base of a silver glitter polish. like most of opi glitter polishes, its hard to get the glitters actually on your nails without having to place a couple coats.

Other Polishes:

Chick Flick Cherry: a darker red. amazing color, great for winter with a dark red lip. i wore this one a lot during the cold months by itself.

Color So Hot it Burns: a great red. matches the classic red lip. a good red for the warmer seasons including fall.

Designer... De Better: a silver polish with bronze sparkles in it. a very unique polish, but not as unique on your nails. it just looks silver. Do You Lilac It?: a very cute name for this polish. i love this purple. i wish it was more of the lighter lavender like it is in the bottle, but when you place it on your nails its a little darker.

Kyoto Pearl: a pearly white color. like most pearly whites and pinks, in my opinion theyre hard to wear everyday, but are great for special occasions or accents to a solid white or pink.

Lincoln Park at Midnight: especially for the winter, this dark dark purple would look very sexy on your nails. only thing is that its very hard to tell that its even purple unless you hold it against a black or put your nails in a light.

Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous: a very dark silver/grey glittery polish. comes out metal-ly and in less than 3 coats. great for the winter.

No Spain No Gain: a deep purple. a very grandma's couch looking color, but when placed on the nails alone, it can be very flattering.

Pirouette My Whistle: a gorgeous sparkly color with white medium sparkles. great as an accent as snow in the winter time. only issue is that it is difficult to actually get the white sparkles on your nails.

Rainbow Connection: a very interesting mixture of glitter. again like most glitters, its hard to get the colors onto your nails. i wish the glitter was more of the colors then a silver glitter. i feel like the silver glitter overtakes the colors of the polish.

Samoan Sand: Love this color for plain jane nails. its very close to the usual color on my skin and nails. i like to use it under designs on my stiletto nails.

Strawberry Margarita: very pretty pink. great for those who want a plain just pink color for their nails. great color to place on the nails if you are trying to incorporate a pink into a rainbow of colors.

Tutti Frutti Tonga: a light pearly pink. i dont like pearly anything really except highlights and eyeshadows. so i'm not a fan of this color, but its definitely pretty for wedding nails or anything along those lines. even with some white pearl accents on top.

Overall Opi nail polishes are very thick and chip easily. i definitely don't think they're worth their price. they have some very unique polishes that other brands don't have, but most of their colors are very dull and dark.

Dying Trend

The shatter nail polish was really cool for a while, but the trend died very quickly. I have 3 of the shatter polishes:

Black Shatter: probably the best shatter there is. it was easy to match this shatter with another polish. this one is probably still wearable.

Gold Shatter: i thought i was going to like this one the most, but i actually didn't like it. the gold was to opaque and glittery to be a shatter.

Super Bass Shatter (From the Nicki Minaj Collection): Absolutely love the color and everything about the polish.. except that its a shatter polish..

Great Price for Nail Polish

great price, cute colors, great sparkly colors. here is a review on the polishes that i have:

206 Brownie Points: great dark brown nail polish, wish it was a darker brown, but great for small detail, not really for painting all your nails the color.

400 Tangerine Crush: bought this in looking for a more coral color. this one in the bottle looks more of a pinky coral, but it comes out more orange. although it is a great pretty color for summer,

540 Jet Set to Paris: a lighter blue, pretty, but in my opinion i would never paint all my nails this colors blue. it might be because i'm not a fan of blue, but this color would definitely come to use for the background of flower designs or for detail.

603 The Bigger The Better: a black nail polish with small silver glitters in it. very pretty color for the winter and fall. takes about 2 or 3 good coats to get the color fully on.

604 Fancy Me: great color for the holiday season. its a mixture of medium and small gold and red glitters. takes a couple really good coats to get the color fully on. would look great on top of a solid nail polish and then ombre'd this in.

605 Sparklicious: a weird silver polish that almost looks gold at the same time. i like it but i dont like it. this polish it very bipolar-ish..

overall L'Oreal Polish is a great brand, but there aren't that many colors to chose from. some of the colors are really great and others are very boring.

So Far My Favorite Top Coat

So far my favorite top coat. it does actually dry quick, but no top coat ever dries fast enough. it keeps my nails shiny the entire time i have the polish on which is great. i do change my nails a lot though, so i'm running out.. gotta buy some more!!

Such Pretty and Cute Colors

I only started buying Essie's polishes recently. I finally got into the nice new bright colors that this brand has. here is a review on the shades that I have so far:

Good To Go Top Coat: the only polish that i dont really like from essie. it is only a top coat, but i just didnt like how thin the brush was. i also wasnt a fan of the formula. it didnt make my nails as shiny as i hoped.

Pure Pearlfection: very very gorgeous sparkle. goes on top of any color very lightly and gives it a cute little sparkle. great for special occasions.

Aruba Blue: a very dark royal blue. reminds me of the royal blue prom dresses you usually see during the prom season. i love to use this color when i'm doing red, white, and blue nails.

Haute as Hello: love this color, especially for the toes. i just wish it was a little bit of a lighter orange. it does come out just a slight bit darker than it looks in the bottle.

Boom Boom Room: Absolutely love this light pink. i have it on my toes now and its just so pretty for the summer. i've also put it on my nails too and all by itself its really pretty too.

i am definitely going to continue purchasing essie's nail polishes, but only the colors since i wasn't a fan of the top coat. the price for them is not that bad either compared to other brands.

Love These Polishes.. but only some of the time

I'm going to review them shade by shade since I have a lot of different ones:

181 Caribbean Temptation: I'm not really into shimmery nail polishes, but this one has a really cool dark purplish blue undertone to it. I don't think I would wear it at this point right now on my nails though.

182 Ruby Pumps: I absolutely love this sparkly red color. it is great for the holidays around Christmas.

202 Innocence: This light pink color is great for french nails or if you want to do designs on top.

544 Liquid Leather: Just a dark solid black. Goes on in about 2 coats, I used it all the time even for smaller designs with a tiny brush. Only bad thing is that it sometime runs after you place the top coat on the small designs.

625 For Audrey: very pretty darker sky blue. Can be streaky, but i think this is because i had bought this one at sallys. (something i noticed- when i buy these polishes from sallys, they're a little more watery or old. must be why they are so cheap, but sometimes the polishes are fine)

867 Re-fresh Mint: this color is a very very light mint/turquoise color. i like the color more in the bottle then i do on my nails. i think this might only be because i havent found the right colors to pair it with.

870 Happy Go Lucky: a very bright yellow, i wish it was just a little lighter and brighter. it sometimes can come out way too yellowy. sometimes stains nails if you do not use a base coat.

873 Flip Flop Fantasy: I am in love with this color and can never find anything like it. If you keep your hands in the sun a lot or go tanning in a tanning bed the color actually turns to a lighter version of this color. i know its kind of weird or gross, but the color is pretty faded too. definitely recommend this color for spring and summer.

934 Swing Baby: a very pretty metal-ly color. Kind of has a bronze/brown tint to it. very hard to match, but looks great with black in the winter time.

960 Papaya Punch: love this for summer, the name is so cute too. I only wish it was a little bit lighter of an orange.

1008 Purple Panic (neon): a neon pinkish purple. very very bright and daring.

1015 Celtic Sun: definitely as neon as it gets. such a great color, but as i said about one of the colors before, i bought this one as sallys and its extremely streaky and hard to get the solid color.

1063 Ultamate Holiday: such a gorgeous glitter nail polish with rainbow accents. only issue is that one it dries, even with a great top coat, the polish is very sandpaper like.

1198 Running in Circles: a glittery green, amazing for the holidays. would look great with ruby pumps for christmas!

overall i love china glaze polishes. there are so many amazing colors to choose from. although some do come out streaky, the color barely chips with a great top coat.

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Great Setting Spray, but Not For the Price

I&#39;ve tried many things to keep my makeup on as long as possible and it seems that everyone turns to setting sprays. I started out trying these Urban Decay ones and I actually did not like them at first. I thought they did nothing for me and I was upset because the product was so expensive. I moved on to a product called Model in a Bottle. and let me tell you, that setting spray is great especially for the price. I started to learn more about setting sprays and how to use them the correct way. So I tried the Urban Decay spray again and started to like it. So here is a quick mini tutorial on how to use the spray correctly so that it actually works.. 1. spray BEFORE you apply your makeup 2. spray AFTER you apply your makeup

.. i would always and i know many other people would forget the first step, its very important and helps keep your makeup on a lot longer.

Great For Bright Eyeshadows

This product is great when using it as a base under bright eyeshadows. i also use the color milk on my waterline. the only thing i suggest not using this for is never use the black in your waterline or as any eyeliner because the formula of this product is very soft and will basically melt off of your eye and you will look like a racoon (: but besides that, this product is amazing and worth the purchase.

So Perfect for Uneven & Oily Skin Tones

I tried out this product because of my acne, it was a 3 step product type thing. this is the perfect moisturizer for oily skin and uneven skin tones. my skin is moisturized without the extra oil and my skin color is so even now because of this product.

Love the Color, Love Nicki Minaj

Nicki Minaj has been one of my favorite artists for a long time, so when she came out with this lipstick, i had to try it. although i was hoping the color was a lighter baby pink, i love the color of it. its so vibrant and one of a kind. i wouldn&#39;t consider this lipstick as my go-to every day lipstick, but i will wear it on special occasions (:

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