Colour Riche Nail


Ronnell V.
I Love the Greycian Goddess by L'Oreal Colour Riche Nail Polish :)

I bought the Greycian Goddess and painted it on my toes.It is grey with blue mixed into it;so it gives off a pretty bluish grey tint.I am glad I purchased it because I didn't realize I was going to get a mixture of two colors into one nail polish.This color is very vibrant and playful.

Julia S.
Great Price for Nail Polish

great price, cute colors, great sparkly colors. here is a review on the polishes that i have:

206 Brownie Points: great dark brown nail polish, wish it was a darker brown, but great for small detail, not really for painting all your nails the color.

400 Tangerine Crush: bought this in looking for a more coral color. this one in the bottle looks more of a pinky coral, but it comes out more orange. although it is a great pretty color for summer,

540 Jet Set to Paris: a lighter blue, pretty, but in my opinion i would never paint all my nails this colors blue. it might be because i'm not a fan of blue, but this color would definitely come to use for the background of flower designs or for detail.

603 The Bigger The Better: a black nail polish with small silver glitters in it. very pretty color for the winter and fall. takes about 2 or 3 good coats to get the color fully on.

604 Fancy Me: great color for the holiday season. its a mixture of medium and small gold and red glitters. takes a couple really good coats to get the color fully on. would look great on top of a solid nail polish and then ombre'd this in.

605 Sparklicious: a weird silver polish that almost looks gold at the same time. i like it but i dont like it. this polish it very bipolar-ish..

overall L'Oreal Polish is a great brand, but there aren't that many colors to chose from. some of the colors are really great and others are very boring.

Julia K.

Okay so this is the best nail polish I have ever used that is cheap. I want ALL of the shades that this brand has to offer. They make the most perfect shades. It goes on nice and rich. If you want a light sparkly effect on your nails, go for one of their sparkly nude shades. Versailles Romance is a great nude sparkle.

Lily T.
Reasonable price, good coverage

I have this polish in red and it is by far the best brand of nail polish I've found so far. The colour is really nice and although the consistency feels quite light it only takes a couple of coats to get a good solid block colour. It also never bubbles or gunks up like some cheaper polishes I have found. The one thing I would say though is that when I take it off, it takes a lot of remover and stains my fingers pink. This may be a problem with my remover though and other than that, it is very good quality and I would recommend it.

Kristen W.
Nice Polish and Good Price

I am very pleased with this polish. It is nearly opaque in one coat and applies really easily. It is a bit on the thick side, though. Dry time was pretty good, too. I have the shades "Jet Set to Paris" and "Greycian Goddess." "Jet Set to Paris" is a lovely sapphire shade and "Greycian Goddess" is a dark grey. They are great fall shades. I usually buy Essie or O.P.I polishes, so the $4.99 price tag was nice. There is also a great variety of shades to try. I look forward to trying more of them.

AlmostStylish X.
Nice colors with average coverage

The colors in this collection are great! But the coverage is a bit patchy.. Its a shame because I really want to try a few more of the colors but I'm not so great at painting my nails (haha I take forever to get it right or it just looks like I let a little kid do it for me).... Sooo, I'm not looking forward to the 3+ coats it needs to look right.. I posted a pic in my profile of my nails painted in the color Club Prive after 2 thick coats and its still patchy in places..

Uhura M.
Love it!

It is pretty expensive, but the quality equals the price. I was very satisfied with how smoothly it went onto the nail as well as the finish once it dried. I would definitely buy other colors.

Myrna P.
Butterfly Kisses
Photo of product included with review by Myrna P.

I decided to try this nail polish Just Because. I am glad I did because I love it. First the color Butterfly Kisses is so pretty and very springy! I would recommend this product. I honestly feel that the drying speed is pretty quick as well.

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Robyn S.
Good Find
Photo of product included with review by Robyn S.

I liked this polish a lot when it dried it dried rock hard. After about 3 days though it did begin to chip. I expect my polish to last about a week because I do a base and top coat. I had the shade called "Because you are worth it." The color was great, it was gold but not too yellow.

Lizz N.

So, I was skeptical at first. I'm not a real big L'Oreal fan in the first place. BUT, after giving it a try with a buy one get one 1/2 off sale and a $3 off 2 coupon at work... I was pleasantly surprised. The color is great. It only takes two coats to get a good solid color on your nail. I used it with the L'Oreal Color Riche base coat and top coat, but it looked gorgeous!!! and it stays! I always judge my nail polish by wearing it to work. If it makes it through a truck day without chipping, I keep it. if not, I take it back. This one lasted a whole 12 days without chipping, and I didn't even have to refresh the top coat. It was shiny and beautiful the whole time I wore it! I got sick of having the same color before it chipped. It is definitely one of my favorite brands... Hopefully the other colors hold as wonderfully as the first one did!!!

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