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Good for the price!

This is actually a really great nail polish. I have it in Primrose Hill Picnic and it's one of my most worn shades. It's opaque in 2-3 medium coats, which was a little disappointing considering the fact that it was $15. The formulation, however, is flawless. It's so smooth and the perfect thickness. It was pretty average wear, usually 2 days before i see tip wear. The color is super creamy and bright and looks great on my nails though, I always get tons of compliments on it. Although this is a good nail polish, I think I'll stick to my Essies which are cheaper and a little better quality.

not the best LIP BALM.

I love this. I love the little shape, I love the funny looks I get when I put it on, I love how easy it is to find in my purse, and I love the smell. But the lip balm itself isn't great. It doesn't moisturize as much as others that I have do, it has kind of a hard texture, and if you scrape some off there's like a dirt-like substance inside of it. So, as for the lip balm itself, I'm not the biggest fan, but the packaging is adorable and everything else is perfect. :)

My Favorites!

I usually go for low-end drugstore brands, but Essie is the one exception. I have a little over 20 shades in varying textures. I love these! The smoothness is incredible, and it's usually opaque in 2 coats, maybe 3 on a bad day. These also have a really nice dry time - under 10 minutes for it to completely set! The only downsides are that the color selection is really bad and they're usually around $8, which is kind of expensive for me, but definitely worth it. I would recommend for sure! :)

moisturizing and looks great.

i love this! it feel almost like a lip balm on my lips. it's my go-to nude lip shade. however, i like to apply it with a lip brush because straight from the tube, it really accentuates the lines on my lips

Decent, for the most part :]

I have 3 colors by Sinful Colors and only 1 really stands out to me.

Why Not- the PERFECT medium blue. opaque in 1 coat and dries fast. I give it 5 stars. plus, it was only 99 cents at Walgreens!

Pull Over- an orangey yellow. This was my first polish from Sinful colors. It's actually really good for a yellow, and opaque in 3 coats. It's not amazing, but it's workable. the only reason that I got it was because i had no yellow in my collection. 3.5/5

Timbleberry- when I saw this one at Walgreens, I knew I HADDD to get it because I saw really good reviews and I hadn't found my perfect hot coral. But I was really disappointed. First of all, It needs 3-4 coats to reach my desired opaqueness. No bueno. And it takes ages to dry, which causes smudges and all that stuff that no one wants. It also peeled on me after a day. but the color is sooooo prrreeetttyyyyy and if it weren't for that, I'd give it 0 stars. But the color deserves some credit, so i give it 2.5.

that is all.

pretty amazing!

I have naturally wavy hair that i like to scrunch a lot. :) i put in some gel, some mousse, and then seal it in with some of this and my hair ends up looking great! :) i love this.

EH. cakey

i got this a couple of weeks ago but I really don't like it for my undereye circles. it looks cakey and doesn't blend out well. i DO use it as an eyelid primer and it works really well, though! :)

  • Ivy

SO. ELF sent me this quad in Ivy for free for referring 3 friends. I payed nothing for it, but goodness, is it amazing. I took this with me to a MAC store to compare the darkest color to Satin Toupe, and they're almost identical! But ELF's is a little more shimmery. All of these colors are REALLY pigmented, but you MUST use a base or they'll wipe off right away. Overall, amazing product. :)


They're not amazing. I have Party of Five Glitters and Gray's Anatomy, and both are gorgeous! But gray's anatomy needs about 4 coats and IT TAKES FOREVER TO DRY(!!!!) but looks really pretty and lasts a long time. Party of Five Glitters is really pretty, but the glitters aren't too saturated and it starts to peel off within 12 hours. :( I really like the colors though.

WHITE is perfect for french tips!

I have the white and it's the most opaque one I have - great for french tips and if you want to paint it on your entire nail, it's streaky the firt coat but looks good on the second one. :)

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