AuCatch The Wave Sprunch Hair Spray Strong Hold


Megan W.

I never do wavy/scrunchy hair without my Sprunch spray. Rather than the pump bottle, I use the spray in the aerosol can. The coverage is great and it always gives my hair the extra boost it needs. Not only does it make my hair look good, it smells wonderful! I am always getting compliments on how great my hair smells.

Tayla M.

I love this stuff. It's leaves you with flexible hair that still has that fresh wavy wet look. It really helps my hair from being fluffy and all over my head. And if I want to keep the waves from previous braids all I have to do is spray some in before braiding. (:

Angie R.

I love this soooo much! I naturally have very frizzy hair so I combine this with the freezing gel and my hair looks awesome! It also makes my hair very easy to style and it doesn't leave my hair feeling hard like cable wires. It gives my hair a soft natural feel but it holds it in place like an invisible shield.

Sarah E.
Beautiful curls on the go!

This is one of my favorite products on the go. I just spray it when my hair is wet and work it in with my hangs, blow dry it a little and then a little hair spray. It works wonders in my hair and I've gotten a lot of complements from this product.It gives you just enough curl and body. It seriously takes me less than 15 min to do my hair with this!

Isabelina B.
pretty amazing!

I have naturally wavy hair that i like to scrunch a lot. :) i put in some gel, some mousse, and then seal it in with some of this and my hair ends up looking great! :) i love this.

Haley F.

Another smell good product by Aussie! I love the way this Sprunch spray makes my naturally wavy hair more curly! Some scrunching sprays only make my hair thicker than it already is but this makes my hair a more relaxed beachy curls look! This product gives great hold for an all day style! Great product for a great price! The only negative thing is the nozzle gets clogged, but I run it under warm water for a quick fix!

Sabrina B.
I love this, hate the pump!

I love love love the way this product makes my curls look. it makes them more relaxed looking but gives them a firm hold. the downside to this is the spray pump. I've bought this twice and both times the product clogged it or something else happened with the packaging, it's a mystery. but it wont spray anymore. sad - but i'll keep trying to use it because i love it.

Lynn R.

I love the smell of this product, but I don't like how it makes my hair hard sometimes. I don't know why in certain spots it's crunchy haha. Otherwise, it works well, because I have straight hair (for the most part) and it gives me some wave.

Mel S.
Good Scent but Sticky Sometimes

I really like this spray because it smells good and works really well. My hair is a little wavy so i like to spray this and then "sprunch" my hair so it increases the waviness and looks nice and this product works great for that especially when combined with a little bit of mousse. The only downfall is that it gets a little sticky sometimes.

Angela V.

I love the smell of Aussie products.. it works well but it makes my hair sticky.. I have naturally curly hair and so when I don't flatten my hair I like to put a little something in my hair to define my curls. This is a good go to product but I don't like the sticky part of it.. But for the price its good