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Probably the weirdest use for this.

Ok, this may sound very weird, but I used this on my underarms. I, and a lot of other people, have dark underarms, and I thought maybe an acne wash would detoxify the skin and a scrub would exfoliate it, since it's not an area I think to exfoliate. It definitely worked. I used the scrub before I shaved with normal shaving cream. Within a week I noticed my underarms were softer, the color was a lot more like the rest of my skin, and I even noticed less odor.

These are just amazing. I love them all, especially the contour brush. I initially used it for bronzer but now I've realized it is perfect for cream blush.


I use this cleanser with my Olay Pro X brush and my skin has never felt better. It doesn't dry out, it doesn't get flaky, and it's so soft. It lathers enough that your face gets cleaned, but it's mild enough not to strip your skin.

It's Ok

Honestly, this isn't an awful product. It sort of moisturizes, sort of brightens, but it doesn't really do much else. As a primer, it kind of sucks. It doesn't make my skin feel any more even and doesn't do anything in terms of staying power. All in all, not worth the money.

This stuff never makes me cakey, I use it to set my Garnier BB cream around my T-zone and it works really well. I bought the transparent shade because it'll work with whatever shade my skin gets.

Great Product!

Now that I finally have the right shade, I love this BB cream. They recently extended their shade selection beyond 2 colors, so if you had trouble finding one before, you may want to look again. I enjoy this for everyday wear, when I'm looking for something light that will moisturize my skin with SPF. I haven't noticed extraordinary skincare benefits, but it still works for me.

"They're Real"'s Drugstore Dupe!

I, like many makeup connoisseurs, rarely repurchase mascaras. As the most frequently replaced makeup item in one's collection and with so many different types to choose from, few of us are faithful to any one mascara. Or, at least, that's how I was before I found this.

I found this mascara in Walgreens after the release of Benefit's "They're Real" mascara. After hearing all this hype about the traditional/torture ball fusion wand, I was intrigued. This was the most widely loved mascara since Covergirl Lashblast. I really wanted to try it, but for $22, that was not happening. So imagine my excitement when I found this, its $8 twin.

I wrote a full review on my blog:

Bizarre Product but Really Works!

I did not know what to expect from this but it seemed interesting so I wanted to try it. I had seen a blog post about the Clarins trident-shaped eyeliner and heard that was great, but this version was less expensive. Essentially what it does is, instead of making a solid line at your lash line, you wedge this eyeliner at the base of your lashes and dot it along. This results in very full, thick-looking lashes. Now, honestly I am a big fan of traditional liquid liner, but this is nice for days that I want to keep it simple and still really define my eyes.

Great Affordable Option

As everyone else is saying, this is a great palette. There are great colors, the formula is amazing, and the black shade is the darkest black I own. In addition to just how good it is, this palette is also way more affordable. Although it retails for about $30 (still way cheaper than a lot of other neutral palette options), the Balm is often available on Hautelook, where I got my palette for $18. I also love this packaging as it's very thin and sleek and fuss-free. The balm always does a great job not over-packaging their products which makes this palette ideal for travel.

I heard rave reviews about this brush on Youtube, but when I bought it, I found it way too dense for my liking. I figured meh, it was only $3, it's not like I made a huge investment. Then I saw one guru talk about self-tanner application and how she uses this brush from bare escentuals which was a dense, flat brush. Instead of buying that brush, I used this one and it is incredible! I apply the self tanner to the brush and buff it onto my skin and it's never streaky, I absolutely love it!

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