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Too Faced

3 Way Lash Lining Tool


Monica M.
Great liner, but with a similar, less expensive product!

I already wrote a review for this eyeliner, but if nobody was able to read it -- I absolutely loved it and used it down to its last drop. What I do want to draw your attention to is the fact that when I finally had to replace mine, I found a similar eyelining tool by ELF. For only $2, you can get the same eyeliner with 3 small tips for varied definition and the same lasting product. Since I've used both, I can vouch for them both and say that they are exactly the same. No disrespect to Too Faced, but to save $20, I'd rather purchase the ELF brand.

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Amanda W.
Love it---but don't use it much

I bought this'd few months back and I absolutely love it. The lack is beautifully pigmented and not at all uncomfortable to apply. It lasts DAMN well and I love the variety of ways I can use it with ease.

However, about a week later I was wandering around at CVS and the Milani EyeTech Extreme was FINALLY back in stock, so I bought it immediately. I'd never used it before but I'd heard so many great things I couldn't resist. For some reason that eight dollar felt tip liquid liner is just about the best eyeliner I've ever used. TooFaced's is amazing, maybe even better, but Milan's is what I find myself reaching for every day.

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Vernae H.
'Bout Time

I took to this liquid liner very quickly. I love dotting a broken line BETWEEN my lower lashes and drawing a solid line ABOVE my upper lashes. I wonder which colors Too Faced will introduce next...

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Hannah R.
my beef is with the cap

I loved this liner when I first got it. I use liquid liners to get very close to my lash line and fill in gaps between my lashes, and this liner is perfect for just that. It's a great dark black, doesn't rub itself off or apply streaky like some liners do, and lasts a good amount of time. BUT!

While in my makeup bag, the cap slid off and dried out the liner. I then asked my mom to use hers one day, took it with me, and the same thing happened. The packaging is at fault for this product NOT being my holy grail liner. If I can't take this with me in my purse without it drying out and becoming unusable, then I don't want to pay the steeper price for it. Either leave this on your makeup vanity and be VERY CAREFUL to see that the cap is tight, or opt for a drugstore liquid liner like milani's. Personally, I don't think it's that much harder to control.

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Dora C.
Easiest eyeliner I have used in years!

I was lucky enough to win this Too Faced 3-Way Lash Lining Tool. I was skeptical at first, when I saw the applicator. It looks like some type of strange alien tool! LOL It is the deepest darkest color of flat black, no unexpected sparkles. You may expect ye olde faithful thin brush liner type applicator, but NOO! This new innovative unique wand has 3 little 'tines' if you will. They are pliable, so as to mold to your lid as you line, but not too wiggly, nor too hard either, JUST RIGHT.

I chose to try to dot technique that the directions show on the box. I started on bottom lashline, just pressing the 3 tines in between the eyelashes, and did this all the way from tear duct to corner of the eye. I did not try it on the top lid, wanted to experiment on bottom first, to test if it would sting my eyes. It looked pretty good! I was surprised how easy it was just to press & dot. Simple. I did a little bit more dotting, then attempted a thin line with the tool, holding it sideways to achieve lined look. It did not burn, sting, or hurt my eyelid, nor the inside of my eye. It did not make my eyes water, or itch, as most liquid liners do. I even got a little bit in my eye-with no horrible allergic reaction!

I left it on the entire day, just to see how long it could last. I did housework, washing dishes/clothes etc. I sweated a little, probably wiped my eyes a bit. I sort of forgot I had it on, it was THAT comfortable. I looked later on, when I did remember. It was still on my eyes! It was a tad smeared, not raccoon eyes, or Alice Cooper, just a nice smokey smudgie look. I LOVE THIS TOOL. I only hope that Too Faced will make a brown and a plum to add to the line. I would also like to see some bronze, bright purple, bright blue, olive colors too. You will not regret buying this liner. It is fantastic.

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Amara D.
Love it!!!!

I love this liner! It bothers me when I have that gap of liners and this fills in that gap really well!! It does take getting used to, but obviously practice makes perfect. I just make sure my cap is on tight when I store it. That IS one issue. It cleans up easily if you make a mistake. Again, I LOVE IT.

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Anne H.
i love this!

i need eyeliner, but i'm not good at getting the look i want. as a fair-skinned redhead, my eyelashes and eyebrows are so light as to be almost transparent. it's almost impossible for me to get mascara to the very base of each lash, so i end up with this tiny bit of the base of every single very light lash showing. i haven't found a way to get other eyeliners or brushes to color that last millimeter of blond lash. i hate that! this wonderful 3-tipped applicator can be applied between the lashes from above and from below the lash line, and it's very easy to tight-line as well as get color onto that area that i can't get a mascara wand close enough to cover. problem solved. i have purchased my second one and use it even when i also use a liquid, gel or pencil liner, in order to darken those last base of lash bits. my only complaint, and the reason for the 4 instead of 5 stars, is that it comes only in black, and dark brown would be more natural with my coloring. that said, i will be using it daily and purchasing more. it's a great idea.

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Liz A.
Great for the unsteady hand

For those who have a hard time using liquid liner, due to shaky hands- this is a must have! Its true to a liquid liner with a felt tip. Its untradtional three prong felt tip, allows you to edge your lids where your lashes meet, to assure a full eyed look! There is nothing worse, than a shaky thick black line of liner. This will prevent that from happening!

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Tasia G.
Couldn't live without this product.

Initially, I was apprehensive about purchasing a $30 liner, but since I've always struggled with tight-lining I figured this would be a great help. Not only does it work wonders for filling in all the gaps, but I find myself using this eyeliner for everything! I do a lot of full face makeup art & face paint, and this helps me add little details I never could've imagined being able to pull off without it. I never find myself having to shake it up, product always flows smoothly from the tip. Also, you barely have to apply any pressure on your eye to get a good line. This is an all-around great product, and even though I just purchased it about a month ago, I know I'll purchase it again & again once I run out.

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Shannyn W.
Great liner for tight-lining!

I have recently been using the Too Faced 3 Way Lash Lining tool to tight line my eyes. It definitely gets the job done! I also use it to touch up my false lashes if there are any spots that need to be covered after the glue has gotten tacky.

I tried it as a traditional liner but I prefer it for tight-lining only.

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