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Summer Scent for sure

PROS: This product smells so good, oh my gosh. It is one of my favorite scents for summer and spring. I have the lotion, body gel, and the body mist. The scent seems to stay for a decent amount of time, also. The smell isn't too much or too heavy, it's light and airy. I just love it!

CONS: I don't feel like I could wear this during the winter, it is very much so a summer scent. Also, in the body mist, sometimes the mist is really thick and can stain your clothes. I've gone through quite a few bottles and only with one bottle was the mist too thick. Could've just been the squirter, I'm not sure! No complaints other than those, its an awesome product!


PROS: This scrub smells so good, it's rediculous. I really only use this once a week, because it is a DEEP exfoliator. You can really feel it working, and it seems to keep my skin soft and clear. Sometimes, when giving myself pedicures, I like to use this product on my feet!

CONS: The apricot beads are HUGE, you have to be very careful with how hard you scrub your face with this product. If you rub too hard, it is painful and can actually make you break out. ONCE a week usage only, for this reason.


PROS: I actually really love this product. All TRESemme products have a really strong scent that stays in your hair all day, which I love. It doesn't make your hair look greasy, and it doesn't make your hair stick to your head like glue. I feel like this product really works, my damage has improved since using this product. I also find that it not only makes your hair softer and protected, but it also helps detangle your hair when it's wet. I use it before I blow dry it, and before I use a heat styling product on it. With most heat protectant products, you can use too much and make your hair really oily, but with this one, no matter how much you spray, your hair never ever gets oily. It is also a really good price.

CONS: I have only one thing to complain about. I've been using this product for a while now, and have gone through numerous bottles of it. Every bottle I buy, after a while, the lid starts to loosen and leak. Not a big deal, if you keep the bottle straight up at all times, but I like to use a drawer to put my products in, which is problematic with the leaking, I have no complaints about the actual product, though!

from good to bad

PROS: Maybelline Eye Studo Gel Eyeliner was the first gel eyeliner I had ever tried. It creates a really smooth, perfect line. It is the darkest eyeliner I have ever found, so if you want the blackest of the black, you'll love this product. You also get a lot of the product for the price you pay for it, it does last for a really long time, and also comes with its own eyeliner brush.

CONS: I know you aren't supposed to sleep in your makeup, but on the rare occasion that I do fall asleep in my makeup, this product HURTS SO BAD the next day. When you wake up from sleeping with it on, your eyelids are literally glued together. I had to physically take two fingers and pull my eyelids apart. It clumps really bad on your eyelashes. It stays on forever. But that's not always a good thing. It is really hard to wash off, and it hurts to try to rub it off.

I would die without this Primer!

Urban Decay's Primer is amazing! I really love using it, and I honestly probably use it every day.

PROS: I have really oily eyelids, and this primer is one of the only ones that keeps my eyeshadow on all day long, and even into the night time. I don't think I could live without this product. It works on powder eyeshadow, and also mouse eyeshadow.

CONS: There really aren't many negative things I could say about this product. Other than the paint falling off of the actual bottle itself, which isn't really that big of a deal. It is also kind of expensive, so I use it sparingly.

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