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colors galore

PROS: MAC eyeshadoes are absolutely amazing. The pigmentation in every single of these eyeshadows is so awesome, it's rediculous. They blend very easily, and MAC has a huge variety of colors and finishes. MAC eyeshadows are very long wearing, and I always get complements no matter what color I'm wearing. For the natural-day-time-look, I use the colors All That Glitters, Honesty, Tete-A-Tent, and Bamboo. For the night-time-look I use the colors Steamy, Mystery, Electra, and Typographic. (I think I buy too much)

CONS: For singles, they are kind of pricey, quads are the way to go.

paint me pretty

PROS: I love MAC's Paint Pot because of the color pigmentation, and the fact that it never creases. I have many different colors in paint pots, but my favorite-every-day one that I use is Bare Study. All of the Paint Pots can either be used as a primer or a base, or as a color all by themselves. I absolutely love how easy it is to apply, I normally just use my finger. The price is also very nice.

CONS: The pot isn't as clean, or hygenic as a squeeze bottle or something of that nature. It can also dry out really easily. During hot months, the Paint Pots kind of melt, or smudge.

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studio fix is the love of my life

PROS: I love MAC's Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation, because it can be used for any level of coverage. If you break out, or have absolutely anything you want to cover up, this powder will definetely do the trick. To make the coverage full I use MAC's liquid foundation, and then I use the sponge that comes with this product. That covers up EVERYTHING. For a lighter coverage, I use a regular foundation brush and only use this powder. It also has an awesome matte finish, which looks awesome in pictures.

CONS: It isn't a drugstore price, so if you can't afford it, there are different alternatives.

if i could marry a lipstick, it would be MAC

PROS: This lipstick is honestly my most favorite lipstick of all time. I can't even explain how much I use this brand. So Chaud is the perfect color for my skin tone and for every day use. I also like to use Snob, it's the perfect pink color. Most lipsticks smell really bad and taste bad, but MAC's lipstick smells so freaking good, kind of like vanilla, and has absolutely no taste. I prefer the matte finish, too, because I'm not a gloss girl.

CONS: For the price, and even with lip liner, MAC lipstick doesn't last all day long. You also need to have really smooth lips, with absolutely no dead skin on them, because MAC lipstick does bring it out.

I will always use MAC lipstick, because the PROS outweigh the CONS.

i will use this product forever

PROS: I love the consistancy of this product, it is more like lotion than foamy shave cream. It is a lot like Skintimate's shaving cream. I get a closer shave, and is a lot less messy due to the lotion-like lather. It is also really easy to locate;in pretty much any drugstore that has a hygiene isle. My skin is unbelieveably moisturized after I use this product, and I rarely have to re-moisturize after shaving. The hand pump is is also really convenient, and a lot less messy.

CONS: The directions say that you need to use a whole pump when you're shaving, and you DO NOT need a whole pump. It is wayyy too much if you use a whole pump, I can use half a pump on my whole leg and it's still more than enough. So don't follow the directions. Also, the bottle says you can use it to dry shave, and you can. It still leaves your skin soft and without irritation but the shave isn't nearly as close as it is in the shower.

drugstore favorite

PROS: The price! I love this product because it is so cheap for the quality of the makeup. The pigmentation is awesome, the color stays for a really long time! I normally use MAC blush, but when I want something different, or if I run out, I ALWAYS use NYX blush.

CONS: The container is really small, and I feel like it's kind of a hassle to get the blush on my blush brush.

convenience at its best

PROS: This is the most handy little bag of brushes I've ever seen. The brushes are small, but still the right size for application. I take this kit with me everywhere I go, I love the zip up bag it comes in, because I know my brushes wont fall out and get ruined. The brushes are pretty good quality for the price, and you get every basic brush you could need.

CONS: The brushes are soft, but they could be a tad bit softer. That's my only complaint! I would recommend this set.

expert eyes takes the prize

PROS: I love buying quad eyesadows because you get four colors that you can either use all together or mix-n-match. Maybelline, in my opinion, has the best drugstore eyeshadow. These quads are $5, which is absolutely the best deal you will be able to find with the quality of this product. The pigmentation is amazing, as well. I recommend these quads for anyone who is a beginner with eyeshadows and smokey eyes, because this product comes with step by step instructions for the best results. I use "Time For Wine" and "Sunlit Bronze".

CONS: You do have to use a primer for this product to make the colors strong enough for a dramatic effect. The brushes that come with this eyeshadow are really awful, they don't do any good, and they're cheap, so you really have to have your own brushes in order for these to work.

anything but a dream

PROS: If you have a really bad break out and need a quick cover up, this will do the job. The color matches really well with my skin. It doesn't have a scent, which is hard to find in a foundation. It works as a great consealer with people who have really dark circles.The price is nice, and you can find this product just about anywhere.

CONS: If you use even a little bit too much of this product, it will look like you can scoop your makeup off with a spoon. It is very very thick and cakey. It feels really smooth when you first start to apply it, but it ends up really streaky and heavy. I won't be buying this product again, which is sad because I usually love Maybelline.

cheap buy

PROS: This mascara is the cheapest of the cheap. If you can't afford designer products, this is as cheap, price-wise, as you can get. It's a classic! My mom used this mascara through out her childhood. There is a number of different colors to choose from, with really great pigmentation. The brush is small and perfect for bottom lashes.

CONS: Great Lash clumps horribly, I have to unclump my eyelashes with a thumb tack when using this product. It doesn't really lengthen. When you first apply, your lashes look longer, but they soon flake off. It also smudges really bad. Not my favorite product, but I don't mind using it with other mascaras.

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