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swatch it in the store

PROS: The colors are amazing, and the duration of the nail polish is just as impressive. Pigmentation in nail polish is hard to find, but not with Essie Nail Polish! I love the packaging, it's very easy to travel with. Funny Face is my all time favorite color in nail polish, I literally have six bottles of it sitting in my nail polish case. The price is also really reasonable, and it is easy to find in any store.

CONS: I think the colors are awesome, but they have a lot of colors that are almost the exact same, I wish they would be more creative with more colors. Also, some of the nail polish is really streaky and really light, almost transparent. I always swatch the nail polish in the store, now, just to know its consistancy.

a different kinda neutural

PROS: This pallete is so versatile and easy to mix-and-match. I love a natural makeup look, and this is definately one of my favorite products to use. I love the range of colors it comes with; peachy, rosey, deep browns, and awesome metals. I also love the range of textures, the shimmery isn't too much, and the matte isn't too flat. You can start with a very natural, beautiful day look, and play it up with the same pallete for a night time date. The names of the eyeshadows are also a lot of fun, which makes applying makeup more amusing.

CONS: It is pricey, but I think it's worth it. And a lot of the colors in this pallete are only for the pallete, so if I run out of one of the colors, I have to buy a whole new Naked Palette.

small ball of happiness

PROS: Eos Lip Balm smells so so good, and applies really smoothly. The size and shape of the container is really awesome, because I can find it in my purse without digging around for it. I've used every scent of this product, and I don't have a favorite. They all smell really good.

CONS: The moisturizing isn't any better than some of the cheaper lip balm. I wish they would come out with more scents.

Is it worth all of the work?

PROS: This mascara really does add tons of volume and length to your lashes. The cost is very inexpensive, and you can buy it at pretty much any drug store. I naturally have thick, long lashes, but I bought this just to see how far I could take it. It has a very dark black color, which I love, and is really easy to apply, due to the spoon shaped brush.

CONS: It clumps! I was so sad when I first put it on and it clumped. I had to literally unclump my eyelashes with a thumb tack, pulling my lashes apart. So it is kind of a lot of work to do on your eyelashes. It flakes! I have to usually re-apply this mascara at least once per day when I wear it because it is very flakey. Also, the formula dries out pretty quickly.

Bronze godess

PROS: It doesnt smell, I absolutely hate makeup that smells like something because I feel like everyone around me can smell it, also. It doesnt make you orange like most bronzers do. It's glittery but not too much; it has a really nice shimmer to it. I use it with my foundation and it doesn't make my makeup too thick or cakey at all. I love using MAC products because for every six empty products you take in, they recycle them, and you can get a free eyeshadow or lipstick.

CONS: It breaks up a lot when I put my brush into it, too much product gets on my brush, so it runs out quickly. It's expensive! $25 for one compact of bronzer is a little much on my college budget.

super natural super smooth

PROS: The only color I have in this shadow is "Birthday Suit" which is very neutural and natural but it ads the right amount of shimmer. I model, and this shadow always looks awesome in pictures. You don't have to use primer with this eye shadow, it doesn't really crease. I would like to buy more colors in this product.

CONS: It is kind of expensive and can dry out easily.

all natural, baby

PROS: You can use this pallet for a really long time, because the eyeshadows are a decent size. Neutral is always the way to go when you don't want to over-do your makeup, and is awesome when you want your fashion focus on something else like an amazing dress. I would recommend this pallet to just about every one, especially beginners, because this package comes with little note cards teaching you different eye shadow techniques and different combos with the colors. I like to use heaven as a cheek highlight, also. The names of the colors are also really creative. And I love that this pallet has a magnent-close on it, that garuntees it wont spill and ruin whatever you keep it in.

CONS: The price is kind of high, and you can only get this product at a makeup store.

Pigmentation at its best

PROS: The eyeshadow trio is amazing. I usually don't do a smokey eye, but when I do, this is my favorite to use. It is easy to find and pretty cheap. You can buy this product at pretty much any drugstore for about $7. The pigmentationn in this set is awesome, and can be intensified by applying it with a wet brush. It also has the perfect amount of glitter in it.

CONS: I can NEVER get this stupid thing open. I have to pry it open with a push pen or something small enough to fit into the crack of the container. I almost don't want to buy another one just because it's such a hassle to get it open.

too much shine?

PROS: This bronzer has a high pigmentation, and it covers light skin really well. It is also pretty cheap and easy to find. You can buy this at pretty much any drug store and grocery store with a good makeup section. I think its around $7-$9.

CONS: It is soooooooooo shiny. I hate how glittery it makes my face. When I have this product on while taking pictures, it makes my skin look oily, which is the LAST thing I want. Even if you apply small amounts you can't get away from the glow. I only use it on my neck and chest, now. I regret buying this product, and I wouldn't ever invest in it again.

Magic on your brush

PROS: Let me start off by saying that my absolute favorite MAC blush is Coppertone, it has a rosy/gold tone to it that is absolutely stunning. I can use this color in winter and in summer, I think it could go with any skin tone. It is very natural and not too blunt. Now, all MAC products have really awesome pigmentation, so you'll never be let down. You don't have to use much of the product to get the full-effect of the color, which allows you to use the product for a long time. And MAC has a rediculous amount of color choices, so you can go for a bolder look with a brighter blush, or you can stay natural with a neutural color.

CONS: If you over apply this product, your skin can end up looking oily, due to the shimmer in the blush so you have to be sparing with it. It is also pricey, not drug store affordable, but I think it's worth the cost. You get a lot for your money.

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