Tips for Maintaining Bright Hair Color


Crazy hair hues never last as long as we want them to. It doesn't matter if it's teal, magenta, lime, or lemon, dye fading is a known fact among enthusiasts of bright hair color. Here are tips for making that daring color endure!

HOW TO Maintaining Bright Hair Color

  1. Use shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair. The special formulations will keep your hue around longer. (Sulfate-free is a plus!)

  2. Wash your hair with cool water. By skipping the hot rinse, you'll reduce the bleeding of hair color by about 50%. No need to take an icy shower, just lower the water temperature for your hair.

  3. Don't over-wash your locks. Regardless of color, it's better to wash your hair less often because its natural oils are what keep it healthy and shiny. And if you wash color-treated hair less frequently, you'll extend the color's vibrancy.

  4. Invest in a dry shampoo. If your roots get greasy by the evening and can't bear not washing your strands every day, a dry shampoo is a great alternative. It will hold you off on stripping your hair color.

  5. Get touch ups. Every couple of weeks, touch up the color and let it sit as long as you can. Since most bright shades are actually made from vegetable dyes, they don't damage your hair. If you can leave the dye on your hair all day before washing it out, your color will be that much brighter.

Beautylish Tip: The lighter your hair is before you add a bright color, the better. Bleach your hair as light as you can without damaging. (If you're not sure how to bleach, have a professional do it.)

Image courtesy of pinterest